Parking Options at Eagle County Airport

Parking options at Eagle County Airport: Free parking is currently available*
(a) in the short-term lot (up to 7days) closest to the terminal, which also has some 30-minute parking spaces available; and
(b) in the long-term lot (up to 30 days) located west of the terminal.

* NOTE:  as of March 2015, the Eagle County Baord of Commissioners considers a conract to bring a paid parking component to the Airport - with a 5-year Republic Prking contract starting June 1, 2015 (with installation of self-pay kiosks).  The following fees are being proposed:
First 2 hrs parking:  free.
the two unpaved lots within walking distance:  free
Long-term lots $6/day
Short-term lots $8/day
Also, long-term permits would be given for existing 48 spaces.

If you need more parking time, contact the Airport Administration at 970-328-2680.

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