El Hierro (VDE) Airport

El Hierro VDE Airport Overview

El Hierro Airport VDE serves the Island of El Hierro, which is part of the Canary Island chain belonging to Spain.
VDE Airport is located in Valverde, the  island's capital city situated north-west of it.  As only inter-island flights operate from this Airport, you should arrive at the airport one hour prior to departure if you have to check your luggage, however, if you only have hand luggage, you can get your boarding pass half an hour prior to your scheduled flight.

With a short runway and an estimated 139,000 passengers a year, El Hierro Airport is served by Binter Canarias airline who  focus on domestic flights, mostly to/from Tenerife Norte Airport, and also to/from airports of Gran Canaria.

The passenger terminal at El Hierro Airport has a main hall with airline counters and ticket sale desks, as well as a cafeteria and a multi-shop. Two information desks (one for Tourist and one for Aena information), and an ATM cash machine ‘Euro 6000 (Caja Canarias)’ are on level P0.


Information 902-404-704;
Lost & Found: 922-553-705
Binter Canarias: 902 391 392

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