Erfurt Weimar (ERF) Airport

Erfurt Weimar ERF Airport Overview

Erfurt Weimar Airport ERF serves the capital City of Erfurt situated in the German State of Thuringia and its cities of
Jena, Gera, Weimar, Gotha, Eisenach, Arnstadt, Rudolfstadt & Muelhausen.
ERF Airport is located 5 km west of the city center of Erfurt, on Binderslebener Street, off the B-4 motorway, and accessible via A-71 (Erfurt-Bindersleben exit).
With an estimated 215,000 passengers a year, AirBerlin and other European airlines serve Erfurt Weimar Airport with direct and connecting flights throughout Europe and North Africa. The Airport serves mainly seasonal charter flights.

The on-Airport Hotel Erfurt  (tel. 036 - 656 11 11/ fax 1060 is located across from the P2 parking lot and offers conference facilities.

Erfurt Weimar Airport has two passenger terminals - TA & TB.

To get from the Airport to your destination, public transport via City train line 4 is available every 10 minutes between Termial B and the main train station in Erfurt - a trip of 20 minutes.
Bus lines 891, 894 & 895 take passengers to Gotha. Gotha
NOTE:  As of October 2015, long-distance buses ( visit the Airport and offer routes of Berlin -Suttgart and Desden - Frankfurt.

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