Fairbanks Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Republic/Aurora Parking System of Alaska operates the parking concession at the Fairbanks International Airport and provides public parking service at three locations: The main public parking lot is located directly in front of the terminal building. Electrical plug-in service is available in both the Short-Term and Long-Term areas of this lot. Handicapped Parking is available in the Short-Term area. Public parking is also provided at two lots located along University Avenue South on the East Ramp. Employee Parking is at Lots A and C.

East Ramp Parking - Lots 1 and 2
$2.00 per day

Public Parking Lot - Short term
First 30 mins - free
31-60 mins - $1.50
Each add'l hr - $1.50
Daily max - $10
Maximum stay: 90 days

Public Parking Lot - Long term
First 60 mins - $1.50
61-120 mins - $3
Each add'l hr -$1
Daily max - $9.50
Weekly max - $57
Maximum stay: 90 days

Vehicle Boot & Impound Fees
Towing: $100
Dolly( if required): $20
Towing company storage: $20 per day
Boot: $70

Direct all parking inquiries to Martin Klein, Manager; Tel: 907-388-7524 or 907-455-4571; Fax 907-455-4572

Fairbanks ( FAI ) Airport Parking Map

Fairbanks FAI airport parking map

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