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i will arrive from JFK at 6.41 pm.
Will I have time to take the checked bag and take another flight (azul to VCP campinas at 20.45)?
That should be just enough time if the first flight is on-time and your bag come out quickly.
Hi! I'm flying in from Bogota into Fort Lauderdale on a JetBlue flight and should land at 4:06 PM on a Thursday.
I'm considering a SouthWest flight from FLL to Atlanta departing at 4:50. I know it'd be pushing it but I've never come back into the country through FLL. I'm a US citizen and if customs went smoothly, think I'd be able to make it? Thanks!
I am flying from Nicaragua to Dallas with spirit, but I get first to for Lauderdal, at 6 am. I know I have to customs and everything, but I am suppose to get to my other plane at 7 am. Since I don't have a bag, just my personal Items and the flight is so early in the morning, would it be possible for me to make the connection?
It's possible with no checked bags but it depends on everything going perfectly.
I want to fly affordably to Cancun from Myrtle Beach area.
Question 1 -TO Cancun we have a 42 minute layover in FLL that scares me. Can we make it with checked bags? (Spirit to FLL arrive 9:52 am; Spirit to Cancun depart 10:35 am

Question 2 - FROM Cancun we arrive in FLL at 7 pm and depart for MYR at 8:05. This is a Spirit connecting flight. Can we make it through customs with checked bag and make flight?
Both of those are very difficult connections.
Hello, in regards to our return flight back to USA. We are flying out of Punta Cana, landing in FLL. Do we not have to go thru customs leaving Punta Cana? I'm told that we go thru customs at FLL not Punta Cana? Just trying to clarify.
The Dominican Republic may check your passport as you leave Punta Cana, but you go through US Immigration and Customs in FLL.
I'm flying from sti to Fll and my flight arrive at 5 Am with spirit and i'm going to take another flight with spirit at 7:02 Am to LGA . Do i have to take my luggage and re-check it again?? And can i go from the first airplane to the second departure gate if the gates are in the same terminal?
You will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. You can make this if your flight from Santiago is on-time.
Coming from LAX to FLL via Spirit and landing in FLL Terminal 4 @ 5 am, can I make my flight from FLL to KIN via JetBlue which leaves at terminal 3 at 6:30 am? (I only have 1 carry on and global entry available). Are terminal 3 and 4 short distances from each other via walking and do I have to go through security again?
If your Spirit flight is on-time you will have just enough time. Yes, you will have to go through security again. It's not a difficult walk from T4 to T3.
Have 1 hour and 20 min connection time from jet blu from jamaica to detroit on jet blu enough time?
With checked bags it's really pushing it. It should be OK without checked bags.
I am flying from Norway to Costa Rica Jan 25. I have a three hour layover in FLL, arriving with Norwegian at 20:00 and leaving with JetBlue at 22:59. I'll have to re-check in my luggage, and suddenly I am worried about not making my connecting flight. Anyone who can tell me if this is enough time?
It should be enough time as long as your Norwegian flight is on-time. The terminal where you arrive is fairly close to the JetBlue check-in desk.