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  • ​Landshark
    Mar 28, 2016
    Land shark was the worst dining experience I've ever had. We were seated at the bar because of lack of seating. We don't drink but we were hungry so we sat there. The bar tender took at least 5min to get our drink order, another at least 15min to take our food order, never refilled our drinks, then took another 20min after we got our food to bring our check. She was literally within 20steps of us this whole time. She never even looked our direction. We asked for refills twice and still took forever getting them. I asked for ranch with my meal, it never came. While we were waiting for our check another waitress walked by and spilled a bunch of water and ice right into my lap with a quick apology and a paper towel handed my way. I'm thinking a free soda/dessert would've been a nice touch. Worst place ever!


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