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Hi I am EU citizen that will already be in FL on holiday. Looking to go to bahamas and have booked a flight Orlando to FLL with onward connection to Bahamas all with Silver airways. Flight arrives 9.46 then connecting flight leaves at 11.25. We only have carry on and I assume will not have to go through immigration and customs as already in the US? So wll this connection work for us?
Yes, if both flights are on Silver Airways that should work. However be aware that Silver Airways flights are late more often than they are on-time.
Ah as long as they are both late then should level out!! Many thanks.

Out of interest - what in your opinion happens when we land in FLL - do we skip immigration and stay airside?
Hi, I would like to know if I have enough of time for a connection flight.
Arrive with Norwegian at 9pm to Fort Lauderdale and at 11:30pm have a flight with Spirit airlines to Honduras.
I am EU citizen.
Is it enough time for customs and making it on time for the next flight?

Thank you in advance
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
I arrive from Colombia on Jet Blue at 5:00am I have a connecting flight on Southwest 7:45am. How do I get from my arrival terminal to Southwest and do I have enough time?
You can either walk or take the shuttle to the Consolidated Car Rental Facility and then walk to T1 from there. You should have enough time.
Hello! I do use the mobile passport app and I am a US citizen. I wanted to know if I come in to FLL from Turks and Caicos at 5:15 p.m. on Southwest. Do I have enough time to catch a connecting flight with American to California at 6:55 p.m.?
That would be difficult, especially if you have checked bags.
How to get to terminal 3 to 4
They're right next to each other, just walk.
i am arriving with jetblue to FLL at 10.40 and the next flight is with southwest at i have enought time? i have carry on baggage only, and i am eu citizen
Where are you flying into FLL from and where are you flying to?
I fly from havana - FLL( connection airport) to colombia
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly. You will have to transfer bags between terminals yourself.
I am planning a trip and trying to figure out which is easier and roughly how much time I will need. I am not a US citizen (from barbados).
I can leave Nassau early and arrive FLL at either 7:45am or 8:25am on Bahamasair...... and I hope to fly to SJU on either Jetblue at 9:47am or on Spirit airlines at 10:40am. if that is super tight I can even arrive FLL at 725am if that really helps.
I know it is always better to leave more time...but if I can leave FLL earlier it will give me more time with my next (and only possible) connection in SJU onwards.
I will have checked luggage

You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Nassau. So all you have to do in FLL is claim your bags from Bahamasair and re-check them with your second airline. I still recommend 2 hours since Bahamasair flights are often delayed.
I have a flight that gets in to FLL from Providenciales, Turks at 5:15pm, would I have enough time to connect to a 6pm flight (Both on Southwest)?
No, that is not enough time.
Arriving in Silver airways from Bahamas at 4:35pm and departing on United to SMF at 6:00pm. Online states they are both terminal 1. Is that sufficient time to connect?
Yes, that is enough time if the Silver Airways flight is on-time.
Thanks Zap!
I am arriving from cuba to FLL aiport at 10.40 to connect my flight to colombia at 13.36....I am estonian european union citizen. I am travelling only with a hand(carry) baggage i need a visa to change my flight? And do i have enought time to change it?