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Arriving from San Juan on Jet Blue at 1:38pm (Terminal 3) and need to pick up bags and checkin for Delta FLL to MSP at 3:43pm (Terminal 2). Can I make it?
Yes, that should be enough time if the JetBlue flight is on-time.
We will depart SJO at 12:35PM and land in FLL on 8/1/17 at 5:35PM. We are switching airlines to catch a return flight to TPA. How much time do we need in between to get our luggage from baggage claim, checked back in and through security?
I would want at least 2 hours.
Thank you!
Flight from GCM set to arrive in FLL at 3:55 PM. Flight from FLL to DEN is schedule to depart at 5:05 PM. All flights are on Southwest and we will not be checking any bags. Is this 1hr 10 min layover doable?
It's risky, but not impossible. If you miss your connection Southwest will rebook you.
Thanks ZAP, I forgot to mention these are separate tickets, but both Southwest if that makes any difference.
Please Help!!! Booked a Jet Blue flight from Santa Dominican SDQ to FLL on 6/24 arriving at 6:09AM. Considering booking a flight to IAH on Spirit that departs at 7:20AM. Is 1 hour and 11 minutes enough time to make this connection with a carry on? Will I have to go though security again? How far are the terminal's from each other?
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, customs, and go through security. I don't think that's enough time.
Booked a nonstop domestic Southwest flight to FLL on 9/2 arriving at 9:20AM. Considering booking a flight to EYW on Silver that departs at 10:40AM. Is 1 hour and 20 minutes enough time to make this connection with a carry on? I assume that I may have to go though security again to get to Silver.
Yes, you will have to go through security again to get to Silver. That is enough time with no checked bags if the Southwest flight is on-time.
Arriving on SWA from CUN 3:45p connecting also on SWA to MCI at 4:55p. I have Mobile Passport and TSA Pre and will not be checking luggage. Is connection doable? Thank you.
That's barely possible if everything goes perfectly.
...had a typo. Arrival to FLL is 3:25 (not 3:45)...
8/6 2017 arriving 7 p.m with Norwegian (CPH) Terminal 4 and with departure Jetblue 8.56 terminal 3. It seems that a new connection has been made betw. Term4 and T3? will this limit the security check to one??. Is the transfertime enough, only handbaggage??
It should be barely possible. You will have to go through US Immigration, customs, walk to T3 and go through security.
Hi, I'm planning to book my flights right now, I'm wondering if 1hr 2min layover in FLL is enough time to clear immigration and get to my gate? My first flight from SJO to FLL arrives at 6:02am, 1 hr 2min layover, second flight departure is 7:04am. Please help me on this!
With the early morning arrival it's possible but still a bit risky. I'm guessing that both flights are on Spirit?
Hello, I'm flying in from BOG arriving at 1:44 at Terminal 4 course H and departing at 6pm from Terminal 1 concourse B. Will I make it with this 4 hour lay over?
Yes, 4 hours should be enough time.
I am looking to purchase a ticket from Spirit to fly from ORD to Kingston, Jamaica with 55 min layover in FLL. Luggage will be carry-on. Will this layover in FLL be enough time?
Yes, that is enough time if the flight from Chicago is on-time. All you have to do in FLL on your way to Kingston is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.