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I have a flight that arrives in FLL terminal 3 E concourse at 140 pm and I have a connecting flight in terminal 3 concourse F, will I have to go through security again? And will that be enough time to connect?
My connecting flight departs at 2 pm
You shouldn't have to go through securitya gain if the first flight is domestic. 20 minutes is REALLY difficult to make any connection.
Hi, we arrive from PLS in FLL international terminal on JetBlue at 3.54pm and need to clear customs and re check in to a flight in Alaska airlines departing at 6.25pm (from terminal 1 I think). Can we drop off luggage after clearing customs in terminal 4? What's the fastest way to get to terminal 1? We have 3 kids including a small baby. I know this is a bit tight, do you think we can make it? Many thanks in advance.
You will have to take your bags with you to Terminal 1 to re-check them. That will be very difficult.
I have a flight coming from Philadelphia and landing in Fort Lauderdale at 9:16 AM and a connection to silver airways going to marsh Harbour at 10:20 AM I come in terminal three and depart terminal one do I have enough time to make my connection and should I be carrying all my luggage with me
That will be virtually impossible unless the flight from Philadelphia arrives quite early.
I willbe traveling from Orlando to FLL to take the EMirates Flight from FLL airport. I will have 4 luggage weighing 50lb each. What would be the best way to take this luggage to the terminal from the car rental place? Should I drop the luggage first and then return car? Are there luggage cart in the car rental area for me to put my four luggage? Is the Emirates in same terminal as Avis?
The rental car center is its own building across from Terminal 1. There is a shuttle directly from the rental car center to Terminals 2, 3, and 4 that you can take after you drop your car off. Just do that.
Thank you for your response. I would have 4 50lb luggage. I am not sure how I can be taking it all myself.
We'll be arriving to FLL a tuesday at 4pm on United express, and taking a connection to Panama at 5:50 pm with Copa Airlines, we bought the entire ticket with United. I want to be sure the procedure is correct, because I have to change terminals I assume that we will have to pass through security. is this right? should we have to get our checked bags in terminal 1 and rechecked them again in terminal 4 (United told me that we don't, but I just want to be sure based upon expirience). What is the best and fastest way to get from terminal 1 to terminal 4? would it be faster if we take a taxi or that is not possible inside the airport? Where is the transportation between terminals exactly locates? is 1 hour and 46 minutes enough? Thanks
You won't have to claim your bags, just go to Terminal 4 and through security. You can't take a taxi inside the airport. You can either walk or you can walk to the Rental car center across the street from Terminal 1 and then take the shuttle to Terminal 4. you should have enough time.
Hello! Flying spirit EWR-FLL arriving 330. Coneciting Bahamasair 530 to NAS. Is this enough time with checked bags? Any tips? Totally panicking!!!
If the Spirit flight is on-time it's just enough time to make your connection.
Thx! We made it:)
Hello, my PUJ-FLL flight arrives at 6:00 PM at terminal 4 and the outbound FLL-MEX leaves at 8:15 PM from terminal 3. Both flights are in the same Jetblue ticket. Will I have to recheck bags? Do you think it is enought time to make it? Thanks!
Yes, you will have to claim your bags to take them through US Customs and re-check them in FLL. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi all,

I have a flight in early April flying on JetBlue from EWR to FLL, and then a 62 min. layover before flying from FLL to FPO. I see that you have to go through security again? I am not checking any bags. Will I have enough time?

Thank you for the help.
Yes, that should be just about enough time if the JetBlue flight is on-time.
I have a domestic jetblue flight to FLL, scheduled to land in terminal 3 at 6:36am, and a second jetblue flight to Havana, also from terminal 3, at 7:52am.

In your experience, will that be enough time? I assume that I will not need to go through security again, because both flights are in terminal 3. But does it take some time to get the visa from jetblue?

Thank you!
Yes, that is plenty of time. Why would you get a visa from an airline? You don't need a visa to visit Havana, your passport will be checked by JetBlue when you check in in your first city.
I am flying from Cancun to BWI via FLL, Flight number for both legs is Same (Spirit 240) and Gate is same at FLL. So, Will i get down at FLL, do my customs and port of entry and reboard the same flight to BWI or will i be in the flight and have my Customs at BWI
Yes, in Fort Lauderdale, you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and back to your gate.