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  • Fll to San Juan 2 hours checked bag?
    Aug 3, 2016
    Arrived 9:35 Spirit Airlines with checked bags. Connecting Jet Blue for flight departure at 11:54. Is this connection possible?


    Where are you flying into FLL from?


    Atlantic City. Really really hoping this is possible.


    That should be possible if the first flight is on-time.


  • Flight connection & baggage
    Aug 3, 2016
    We are travelling via Jet Blue from LAX-NAS via FLL. We have 1 checked in baggage each. Do we need to collect our baggage in FLL and do another check in for our flight to Nassau?


    No, you don't have to do anything with your baggage in FLL.


    This means that we have checked through baggage and would only claim them upon arrival in Nassau?


    That is correct.


    Thanks for the helpful info..


  • Spirit to FLL, Jet Blue to BGI - different terminals
    Aug 3, 2016
    We are flying Spirit air to FLL, arriving at 517am. We depart on Jet Blue at 735am going to Barbados. I don't know the terminals/gates yet. Will there be enough time to change terminals, clear security and get to the second flight?


    Where are you flying into FLL from? Do you have checked bags?


    We fly DEN to FLL on Spirit, carry-on bags onlyarriving at 517am. We connect with Jet Blue, carry-on bags only, flying to Barbados, leaving at 735am. So we have about 2 hours to change terminals and clear security for the Jet Blue flight.


    That should be enough time.


  • Connections on Spirit SJO-FLL-DFW
    Jul 19, 2016
    I'm flying Spirit into FLL from San Jose, Costa Rica, with a connection to DFW. Arrive from San Jose at 5:52 a.m. depart DFW at 7:02. Is that enough time to clear customs and make the DFW flight?


    With the early morning arrival it will not be impossible, but it will still be very difficult.


  • FLL to San Juan
    Jul 17, 2016
    Correction to earlier note. We arrive and depart Terminal 3 - arrive from Jacksonville on Jet Blue, go out from F7 on Jet Blue to San Juan - do we need to go through security again or do we just do that in JAX?


    You will not have to go through security again.


    Thanks so much - I was concerned about that.


  • Jet Blue arrive Gate A4, go out F7 to San Juan
    Jul 17, 2016
    Will I have to leave security and re-enter it going from gate A4 to gate F7 in Fort Lauderdale? Are they in different terminals?


    Are both flights on JetBlue? There are no A-gates in FLL.


  • short connection time
    Jul 12, 2016
    Hi, flaying from Medellin to FLL in Spirit arriving at 6:38pm and then taking connection to NY on Spirit at 8:10, will we have enough time?


    Yes, that should be enough time if the flight from Medellin is on-time.


  • Connection between term 4 and 2 - international arrival
    Jul 8, 2016
    Hi, I have an international flight arriving 6:30am, and a domestic Delta leaving 8:00am. Is this enough for pick up luggage, customs, drop bags? Should be terminal 4 to terminal 2. This short layover was due some flight changes and not sure how I should proceed. Thanks.


    It's not impossible but it's really really difficult. if you can somehow do your trip without checking a bag that would be really helpful.


  • short connection time - 45 min.
    Jul 8, 2016
    Hi flying Dallas - FLL - Bogota Only have 44 minutes to reach my connecting to flight from FLL to BOG Flying Spirit airlines from point A to B to C but i change planes. Is it possible to make the connecting flight to Bogota? I assume i can't check a bag.....? Thanks in advance!


    It's possible if all tickets are on the same reservation, if that's the case you could even check a bag. There is no US Customs when exiting the US.


  • Help!
    Jul 5, 2016
    We are flying into terminal 1 with west jet and out of terminal 4 with Avianca. We only have 3 hours to get to the next flight and are bringing two bikes which I assume will be in oversized luggage. Will we have enough time to make it through security, check in and onto the flight?!


    That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.


  • Arriving internationally from Lima and making a domestic connection
    Jun 29, 2016
    Flying into FLL July 1 from Lima, Peru (Spirit 978). We arrive in FLL at 5:36 a.m. with check bags and then have a connection (Spirit 404) to Atlanta, GA at 8:05 a.m. Will there be enough time to check bags and make it through security? Does the airline transfer the bags for us since it is the same company?


    Yes that should be enough time. You will have to claim your bags in FLL to go through US customs then immediately recheck them at the recheck desk then go through security.


  • Travelling Jetblue connecting flight to cartagena
    Jun 28, 2016
    I will be traveling on jetblue airlines in september from NY to cartagena. I have a layover in FLL. It is only 1 hour. All my flights are with jetblue. So my first flight from NY to FLL will be domestic and my second flight from FLL to CTg will be international. Is 1 hour ebnough time for a layover and a quick stop at duty free? Will i need to go through security again or customs or anything like that?


    There is no US Customs when departing the US. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. However, note that the duty free offerings at FLL are not extensive.


    As long as they have a bottle of johnny black i will be fine. but if i have to go from gates E to gates F, will i need to go through security again?


    Concourses E and F are connected inside security.


  • Connecting from Delta to Silver Airways Flight to Bahamas
    Jun 24, 2016
    My wife, 10 month son, and I are landing at FLL on Delta at 12:00. Our Silver Airways flight to GHB (Bahamas) departs at 14:33. We will have checked bags and carry-ons. Will we have enough time to exit the Delta flight, collect our bags at baggage claim, check back into Silver Airways, and make it through security to our gate?


    Our Delta Flight is coming from ATL.


    That should be enough time assuming your flight from Atlanta is on-time.


  • connection flight
    Jun 24, 2016
    Hi!, I'm traveling form Bogotá to FLL on jet blue at 16:16 and I have to check bags for my next flight to Stockholm at 21:00, is there enough time for me to run form one flight to another? are this flights in the same terminal?


    Yes, that should be plenty of time. Yes, they will be in the same terminal.


  • What time is required to transfer from Jet Blue to Silver Airlines
    Jun 20, 2016
    Arriving on Jet Blue at 14:52 and going to book Silver leaving at 15:45 to Key West, which is a gap of 53 minutes. Can we book checked bags right through? Are these flights in the same terminal? Is there enough time as no other flights to Key West until next day?


    Are your flights on the same reservation? They are not in the same terminal - you have to go to Terminal 1 and through security.


    Thank you Zap. I have not booked the Silver flight yet as wanted to know if possible before buying ticket. I think I will drive to Key West as not enough time to change terminal and go through security. Thanks for the information.


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