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Hi, we have 2 separate tickets flying from ORD to FLL via Spirit then running to our 2nd flight FLL to FPO flying bahamas air. It appears to be arriving terminal 4 going to 3. We are not checking bags. We have about 45 min. How far is the walk between terminals? Are we going to make it?

thank you!
I really don't think that's enough time. Especially considering that Spirit flights are frequently delayed.
We are flying to treasure cay with a layover in ft lauderdale. The flight we are thinking about booking only allows for an hour to deplane go through customs and board. Will this be enough time to get through customs? It's Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.
I assume the first flight is on Silver Airways. What airline is the second flight on? Is it all one reservation?
My friends and I already have a round trip ticket booked from CLT to FLL and want to do the drive from Fort Lauderdale to Key West on the way there. On the way back, on a Sunday - we want to book a one way flight from Key West to Fort Lauderdale (we won't be checking bags or anything). Our flight from FLL to CLT leaves at 6:45 on American Airlines ... we can either play it safe and land in FLL at 3:40, or we can leave Key West at 5:03 on United and land in FLL at 6:02 (then run to our 6:45 flight). Is that way too close? Thank you!
Sorry I meant to say Silver Airways for the one way from Key West to FLL. Thanks
Play it safe and book the earlier flight. Silver Airways flights are often delayed.
Arrive from BOG to FLL at 7 pm on July 10th (Monday), connection to MCO at 8:13 pm. All with Spirit. Would I make it? (Considering check in bags)
That would be very difficult, although relatively late in the evening like that it may be possible. However, be prepared to rent a car and drive to Orlando if you miss your connection.
para buelos de california tenemos que pasar por inmigracion?
There is no immigration when flying between California and Florida, if that is what you are asking.
I have a 1 hour and 13 min layover to get from terminal 3 to terminal 1, what is the fastest route? Bus, walk, uber??
What airlines are you flying? Where are you flying from and flying to? Do you have checked bags? The best way is to walk probably if you can walk quickly.
I am arriving on JetBlue from Boston and flying to Marsh Harbor Bahamas on Silver Airways. No checked bags...thanks so much for your response.
Another there a walking path to follow between terminals? Any directions for me to follow? Thank you
Yes, there is a sidewalk. If your JetBlue flight is on-time I think you can make it.
Flying Southwest from alb to mbj, change planes in FLL , arrive at 10 20 am depart @ 12 05pm enough time?
I have an hour and 13 min layover going from FLL to MHH, what's the fastest way to get from my arrival terminal 3 to terminal 1 for departure?
Hi! We are arriving at FLL in Terminal 2 at 4:00 p.m. from a domestic flight and changing carriers to JetBlue in Terminal 3 departing at 6:05 p.m. We are checking 2 bags. Will we have enough time to pick up our luggage, get to Terminal 3, recheck bags and go through security? We are young and fit. Thank you!
That is barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thanks for your quick reply and advise. We've adjusted our plans to give us more time between flights.
I arrive on JetBlue at 2:40 on a Wednesday from MBJ, have flight to Atlanta on Delta at 4:00 . Is this possible and should I plan on carry on bags if I can.
With carry-ons only I think that's possible. but slightly risky.
Thank you for reply, I am going to download Mobile Passport and hope that will speed up .. a little.
SouthWest Airlines (terminal 1) arrives at 3:30 pm and departing on Caribbean Airlines (terminal 4) which is international at 5:20 pm. Is the possible?
With checked bags that would be pretty difficult.