Parking Options at Frankfurt Airport

Parking options at Frankfurt Airport:  All parking facilities can be accessed via B43 or A3 motorways (follow Terminal 1 or 2 signs). Multi-level parking garages, mostly underground, are situated along the terminals. On approaching Terminal 2, you can drive straight down into P8's underground parking facility, or you can use the P9 entrance opposite the E section of the terminal.  Regular clearance is 2.1 meters.

1. Terminal 1 offers carparks P1, P2/3, P4 (with 'Business', 'Premium' and 'ACS Secure' parking), and lot P36 XXL a little further to the east. Terminal 1 has five entrances for P1 to P5 with direct terminal access; a guiding system will show you available spaces.
2. Terminal 2 offers carparks P8 & P9. 
3. For oversize vehicles, use P36 XXL or the holiday parking lot. 
4. The Holiday lot is  is opposite Terminal 1 and the parallel runway.
6. Handicap spaces are available in the underground parking facilities at: (a) Terminal 1 - access via P4, row 225; (b) Terminal 2 - access via P8, levelU4, row U417.

Payment: T1 & T2 parking facilities (except P4) charge the same fees.
Payment at automatic payment stations can be made in cash, by major credit or by debit card.

Parking Rates at FRA Airport

Payment Options
Description:You can pay at the pay machines in cash, major credit cards orby EC card for parking.
Short Term
Rate: 30 mins: € 2.50
1 hr: € 4.00
Each add hour: € 4.00
daily: € 25.00
weekly: € 115.00
each add day: € 10.00
each add week: € 30.00
2 weeks: € 145.00
3 weeks: € 175.00
Parking prices for P36
Rate: 1 hour: € 5.00
each add hr: € 5.00
daily: € 30.00
Parking With Disabilities
Description:Parking for disabled:
 Terminal 1: Special parking spaces in the underground parking garage,  access via P4, Row 225.
 Terminal 2: Special parking spaces in the underground parking garage, access via P8, Level U4, Row 17.
Parking in front of the terminal building is free with your disable person's ID visible behind the windshield.

Frankfurt (FRA) Airport Parking Map

Frankfurt FRA airport parking map

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