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  • Can I Collect My Luggage and Change Airlines in Time
    Jul 12, 2015
    I'm flying in to Frankfurt at 5:45 am on UA and am flying out on Lufthansa at 720 am. These are completely separate flights and I will have to collect my luggage and check in again. When returning home I will be flying in on Lufthansa at 710 am and then flying out on UA at 9:35 am. Same situation with baggage. Will I have enough time? Thank you


    It'll be tough. Since UA and LH are partners they should check your baggage through though.


    I have to book the UA flights through United's site because of a voucher and then book separately through Lufthansa. I'm assuming that if I have a 2.5 hour window that should be sufficient? Thanks!


  • Will Condor transfer my luggage to Lufthansa
    Jul 9, 2015
    I got a booking with condor Airline making a stop in Frankfurt and changing airport to Lufthansa now my question is will my luggage be transfers automatically to my Lufthansa Flight or I have to collected them my self and check in again I also have only and hour of layover... I'm really getting so anxious about this can you please help me with this, Thanks


    Condor and Lufthansa no longer have an interline baggage policy. You will have to claim your baggage in Frankfurt and re-check it with Lufthansa. 1 hour is not enough time to do this. You need to get a later flight on Lufthansa or plan on spending the night in Frankfurt if none is available.


    :( this is not good. Event if I only book one ticket directly with condor airline? Do I also have to go trough immigration and all? Thanks a lot for your help


    Actually it looks like my info was incorrect. If you do purchase both tickets through Condor your bags should be tagged through to your final destination.


    :D Thanks a lot Zap I being doing so manny research about this matter and in condor web page it's just not clear to me and since I'm in Mexico I try to call the condor customers services but I just can't I try different ways to make the call, but this info you gave me makes me more relax. One more time Thanks!!!


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