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  • Gate V129?
    Jun 30, 2015
    Flight UNITED989 arrived at gate V129 on June 30 2015. Where is that? Could a passenger make it to their connecting flight in Terminal 1 which left an hour later?


    An hour is sort of pushing it for an International to International or International to schengen connection in Frankfurt. It' possible but difficult and everything has to go perfectly.


    Jun 30, 2015
    Hi!Arriving at Frankfurt airport from Sofia- Lufthasa(LH1429). Flying on one ticket, arriving at FRANKFURT Terminal 1 and connecting flight to MIAMI(LH462) departing Terminal 1. How much time does it take from 1 place to the other? Im with BG passport, need I passport control and immigration? I have an upcoming 85 minute slot between a landing in Frankfurt from Sofia and departing from FRA to Miami. Whats the easy and short way to the pair Z and the departure gate? Thanks for your help.


    Since you will not be entering the Schengen Area you will not have to go through Schengen passport control. You will just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate and through security. Just follow the signs. You should have enough time.


    Jun 29, 2015
    Hi, I have a 2 hr 10 min layover in FRA, flying in from Madrid and connecting to Toronto. Both flights are Lufthansa at Terminal 1 on a single ticket. From what I understand and have read, all I need to do is go through security, correct? My bags will be checked all the way. Will I need to go through passport control? I assume 2 hr 10 min gives me more than enough time. Thanks.


    Actually all you have to do is go through Schengen exit passport control. You have enough time.


    Thanks very much!


    Jun 29, 2015
    Hi! I have a concern. I have booked a flight from Col to Stockolm through Frankfurt Airport. I will only have 55 min to change plane. However both flights will be with Lufthansa. Will I have to go through immigration? Do I have to change terminal? Will 55 min be enough to do the transfer? Thanks in advance!


    BTW I forgot to say that both flights were purchased on a single reservation!


    is "Col" Cologne? If so, the code is CGN. No, you will not go through Immigration as both Germany and Sweden are in the Schengen Area. All you have to do in Frankfurt is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, which will both be in the same part of the terminal. Now if "Col" is Columbo or Columbus, that's something different.


    Thanks for your help!! by COL I mean Colombia (Country)... does it make any difference when talking about times??


    Colombia - Bogota (BOG)


    Yes, it does make a difference, it will be very hard to make your connection. You will have to hope your flight from Bogota is on-time. If both flights are on Lufthansa they will both be in Terminal 1. You will have to go through Schengen passport control on arrival.


  • 1 hour connection in Frankfurt
    Jun 29, 2015
    Hello, I am looking at a flight from Split on Croatia Air with 1hr to connect in FRA before Lufthansa flight to Bangkok. Will I have to recheck baggage and go through security? Is this enough time? Thanks for any help.


    Were your tickets purchased on a single reservation? If so, you will not have to claim your bags or go through passport control in Frankfurt.


    Thanks for the response. Yes, the tickets are under one reservation even though it's with multiple airlines. Do you think an hour is possible for me to catch the connecting Lufthansa flight from Croatia Air?


    An hour is doable but doesn't leave much time to spare in case of a delay or issue.


  • 2 hour stopover at FRA
    Jun 25, 2015
    We are traveling from Budapest to Vancouver through FRA. We have a 2 hour stopover. Is this enough time to transfer and will our bags check through?


    Yes, assuming both flights were purchased together and are on Lufthansa your bags will be transferred and that is plenty of time.


  • 1 Hr 20 Mins stopover at Frankfurt
    Jun 25, 2015
    I'm arriving in Frankfurt at at 10:55 am from Vancouver on LH 498 and connecting to flight LH 990 to Amsterdam at 12:15 pm. Is that enough time?


    All you have to do is follow the signs to your departure gate. You will go through Schengen passport control on your way. You have enough time, but not much to spare.


  • Short connection
    Jun 25, 2015
    Hi, I am flying LAX-FRA-GOT. Arriving on LH451 and departing on LH 818. I have 1h and 35min. I know FRA is huge and can take a while to transfer depending on which terminals are involved but I don't know where I will arrive and depart so I am unsure if I will make it. I have a euro passport so that helps.


    All flights will be in Terminal 1. All you have to do is follow the signs to your departure gate. You will go through Schengen passport control on your way. You have enough time.


  • Connection flight
    Jun 25, 2015
    I am going to flight from Mumbai (India) to Frankfurt (Germany) through LH757 and from Frankfurt to Toronto (Canada) through LH6766 (AC873). I have layover of 1 hour 25 min (85 min). Should I catch latter flight? I have bought single ticket. My luggage will automatically transfer? What procedure I have to follow? Please help me in this regards as this is my first experience.


    All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate in Terminal 1. You will not have to go through passport control as you are not entering the schengen area. you just have to go through security. I think you'll have enough time.


    Thank you for your kind information. But want to know about luggage which will be automatically transferred to connecting flight? As I said I have single ticket.


    Yes, the baggage will be transferred automatically to the next flight.


  • Do I have enough time
    Jun 24, 2015
    Hello any help appreciated. My incoming flight is Lufthansa from split and outgoing flight is emirates to Dubai with 1hour 55 mins. If I have to get my bag and re check it in will I have enough time? If not if I had carry on baggage only will this allow me to make it comfortably? Do I still have to go through passport control with only carry on? I would be grateful for any tips.


    Upon arrival in Frankfurt you will have to go through passport control, claim your bag, take the shuttle bus to Terminal 2, then re-check your bag with Emirates. Go through Schengen exit passport control and security. If you don't have checked bags, you just have to go through security and take the SkyLine train to Terminal 2, get your Emirates boarding pass from their transfer desk, and you'll be OK. With checked baggage I think this would be pretty close to impossible. Without checked baggage I think you can do it.


  • 50min stopover at frankfurt
    Jun 24, 2015
    I arrive from AMS (LH 999) at 20:55, depature to SIN at 21:45 (LH 778). Both are terminal 1 and are on same ticket. Will this be enough time, and is there a way of figuring out what gates my flights will land/depart? thanks a lot!


    Exact gates won't be known until day of departure. You should have enough time if your flight from AMS arrives on-time. You will just have to go through Schengen Exit Passport control.


    hi We are looking to book a flight from London Heathrow to larnaca via Frankfurt. The connecting time is only 45 minutes On a Lufthansa flight. Is the 45 minutes enough to to make the second flight?


    That's awfully tight. You won't have to go through passport control, but Frankfurt T1 is really big. It's possible, but it depends on the flight from London being on-time, preferably early.


  • Denver to Copenhagen connecting flight
    Jun 18, 2015
    We're flying from Denver on flight LH447 arriving at FRA at 10:55 am. Our connecting flight, LH824, is to Copenhagen, departing at 12:30 pm (1:35 mins layover). The flights are on one ticket. We're traveling on American passports. The flight from Denver arrives at terminal 1 and the flight to Copenhagen also departs from terminal 1. I assume we don't have to go through security at FRA, but we do have to go through the Schengen area passport control. Is this correct? Also, is this enough time? Thank you for your help!


    yes, you are correct and yes you should have enough time.


  • 65 minute connection, am a little worried
    Jun 15, 2015
    We are flying in from Seattle to Frankfurt and have a 65 minute layover to make our connection to Athens. We don't plan to check any bags. Is this doable?


    That should be possible, but doesn't leave much time to spare. You will follow signs to your departure gate and go through Schengen passport control on the way.


  • 50 minute layover enough?
    Jun 15, 2015
    I'm flying from Heathrow, London to Malta via Frankfurt. I'm landing 13:05 and the connecting flight is 13:55 - just 50 minutes. Is this enough time? If both flights are in Area A will I still have to go through security?


    That will be tough. You shouldn't have to go through security but you will have to go through Schengen passport control and one or both flights could use buses to connect you to the plane.


  • 45 minutes connecting time
    Jun 12, 2015
    Hello, I'm arriving at FRA on flight LH1401 from Prague PRG and I'm departing on flight LH1052 to Paris CDG with the MCT at FRA of 45 minutes. I'm afraid as LH1052 is the last service of the day to Paris CDG. Do you think it will be enough ?


    Since both flights are within Schengen, I think you can make it if the Prague flight is on-time.


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