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We land at 9:10am and the connecting flight to Amsterdam is at 11:45am, would this be enough time to get through customs, get our bags.... and get to the terminal?
Forgot some details: we are flying to FRA from Texas.
Arriving on United flight from Dulles, USA, and connecting with Lufthansa to Malta. Is 1 hour and 45 minutes enough time to make Lufthansa flight? We are caring our bags. Thanks much !
Yes, that is enough time.
Thanks much ZAP !
We are an Indian couple holding Indian passports residing in the UAE with valid (B1/B2) US visas, intend to fly Dubai to JFK via Frankfurt with Lufthansa airlines and connecting flight from Frankfurt to JFK with Singapore airlines with a layover of 2hrs at Frankfurt. Do we need a transit visa for Frankfurt?
You do not need a transit visa since you hold a valid US Visa.
Thank you ZAP !
I am flying from Ottawa to Hamburg on one ticket.
I am flying Air Canada & arrive Frankfurt 10:10.I have a 1 h 50 min layover.
Flying lufthansa 12:00 to Hamburg.
Do I have enough time to make connection ?
Yes, that should be enough time.
We are goingfrom Bangalore to Vienna through Frankfurt on Lufthansa. There is about 2 hour time for the change. is it eough? Do we have to go thro immigration at frankfurt before boarding tyhe plane for vienna . thanks
Hi, traveling Lufthansa from Rome to NYC and have about 40 mins to transfer. Thus far the Rome flight arrives at A gates and NYC flight leaves Z gates, do I have enough time? Hard to understand the "stacking" of Z gates "above" A gates, so it appears the potential gates are close. Am traveling with daughter so I am concerned. Thanks for any suggestions and responses.
I'm flying Vancouver to Venice connecting Frankfurt with a 1 hour 35 minute connecting time. All flights are on Lufthansa.
What can I expect?
Will I need to claim my luggage there or will it go direct to Venice?
You do not have to claim your bags in Frankfurt. You just have to go through Schengen Entry Passport control and to your departure gate.
I'm flying Lufthansa First next month. What should I expect when arriving in Frankfurt to get to the connecting flight to Amsterdam? its my first time going abroad.
You will go through Schengen Entry Passport control and to your departure gate.
Hi there, I have barely 2hours in between for this transit by Lufthansa flight both in Terminal 1. Is that I will be ok. I heard that the security check is quite time consuming. Kindly advise the tips. Thanks
There is no security check in Frankfurt since you are coming from Zurich. You just have to go through Schengen Exit passport control and to your departure gate.
My son is traveling from Mexico to Tel Aviv thru Frankfurt. Any special requirements? Does he need to go thru inmigration in Frankfurt? Pick lugagge in Frankfurtor luggage is transferred automatically to the flight to Tel Aviv?
All he will have to do in Frankfurt is go through Israeli security at the departure gate.
Thanks for the comment. We were at the MEX airport just to visit and lady at Lufthansa counter told us that from MEX to TLV thru FRA my son ( he is 15) has to go thru inmigration. Could you confirm no inmigration needed? I agree with you that he is only in Transit to TLV and should not go thru inmigration. Thanks for help. It is my first son's long travel and we want to make sure everything will be smooth for him.