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I am arriving on LH717 from Tokyo, and my next flight is LH200 to TXL next month.
There is one hour transit time.
Usually LH717 is reaching at C14, C15 and C16, and LH200 is departing from A14 - A26.
How to reach my next flight?
The interior layout of FRA Terminal 1 is very complex to explain so the best advice is to just follow the signs.
We arrive FRA terminal 2 from AUH international. and I want to book a domestic flight from FRA to Berlin how much time shall I allow? We arrive approx 2.20pm, we have baggage to collect, pass through immigration, get to domestic and checkin...... thanks
I would want at least 3 hours if flying out of Terminal 1 on Lufthansa, or 2.5 hours if flying another airline out of Terminal 2.
I have a USA passport and will be returning there after a trip to Stockholm. I fly from Stockholm to Berlin to Frankfurt all on Air Berlin. I arrive in FRA at 10:05 am and leave at 11:10 am on American Airlines to DFW. Do you know which terminals? Thanks for your help.
Both flights will be in Terminal 2.
We are arriving from SFO on LH 455, then departing for VCE on LH 328. Is 85 minutes enough time to make this connection? Both flights are on the same reservation. Many thanks!
Yes, all you have to do is go through Schengen Entry passport control and to your departure gate.
Flying luftansa toronto to Barcelona with frankfurt connection. both flights with luftansa, is 1 hr 40 min sufficient time
Yes, that is enough time. You just have to go through passport control and to your departure gate.
I am arriving on LH404 in FRA and have a second flight LH176 to Berlin. The two flights are on separate reservations. If I only have carry-on luggage, do I need to leave the terminal and reenter to board the domestic flight? Or can I check in online, stay in Terminal 1 and go straight to whichever gate LH176 leaves from?
You can just go to your departure gate. if you don't have your boarding pass to Berlin you'll just have to stop at the transfer desk to get your boarding pass.
Hi, I am flying with Lufthansa from Washington to FRA and after with same company to Tunisia time between flight 1h30 I have 3 kids, it is my first time how can I go to my departure gate? thanks
If both flights are the same reservation all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Travelling with a 3 yr old on 3/18 arriving from CLT on AA at 6:20 am. We have another flight at 9 am to LYS on Lufthansa that is not on the same reservation. I know I will have to get our luggage and recheck. Just wondering if there will be enough time to do it all. Thanks in advance for any input.
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly. Note that you will also have to change terminals.
Yes, I am aware... :) I just hope the congestion due to construction has eased up since last summer. We took a bus for the transfer and it was a nightmare.
Hi. I am flying Air Canada from Toronto to Frankfurt with a 1.15minute connection before flying with Lufthansa to Florence. Is that enough time to make the next flight? Will I need to collect luggage or clear customs?

No need to ask the same question twice. You will go through Schengen entry passport control. You don't have to do anything with your luggage if both flights are on the same reservation.
Thanks for your help! Sorry - didn't see that the first post went through. Much appreciated!
Hi there! I'm taking SQ26 from Singapore to Frankfurt which will arrive at 620am. My next connect to Berlin is LH174 at 745am, all in terminal 1. So do I need to go thru passport control and security check? Is 1hr25 mins sufficient for connection? Thanks!
Yes, that is enough time if both flights are on the same reservation.