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  • ORD to IBIZA
    Jul 20, 2016
    Hi I will be traveling from Chicago to Ibiza and connecting through Frankfurt on 8/18. I will be checking my bags through, all flights are on Lufthansa but I only have an hour and 15min connecting time. I think that should be enough time barring any other delays. Do I need to go to through passport control/customs in Frankfurt or do I clear that in Spain? If not enough time i will have to book a flight with a 7 hour connection time instead. Let me know thanks!


    Yes, in Frankfurt you will go through Schengen passport control. You should have just about enough time.


  • Changing terminal 2 to 1
    Jul 19, 2016
    my flight will be landed from Dubai in terminal 2 at 7:25 pm and I have separated ticket bought from Lufthansa air line to Berlin at 9:15pm.DO I have enough time to reached terminal 1? Thanks


    With checked bags that will be very difficult as you will have to transfer them yourself.


    Thanks for replying my question,would you please let me know how long does it take to go terminal 1 from t2 . And if I have only one carrying bag is that enough time for me or not


    Thanks for replying, if I have carrying bag only and I don't need to wait to collect my luggage,is that enough time? Thanks


    With no checked bags then that should be possible.


  • connection time
    Jul 17, 2016
    Flying Basel to Frankfurt with Lufthansa - arrive 740 am. Connect to Air Canada Toronto flight at 920 am departure. is this enough time. I think both flights are in same terminal?


    Yes, both flights will be in Terminal 1. That should be enough time.


  • Lufthansa T1 connecting to Delta T2
    Jul 17, 2016
    My Lufthansa flight from LIN (Milan) arrives at Terminal 1 and I have 120 minutes until my Delta flight to JFK from Terminal 2. US Passport, no checked luggage. Is this manageable?


    That will be quite difficult.


    But, I guess with no checked baggage it's not impossible.


    Thanks - I was hoping 2 hours was enough. Will there be a passport control checkpoint and a separate security checkpoint?


  • United to Lufthansa connection
    Jul 13, 2016
    We are arriving in Frankfurt on United, and connecting to a flight on Lufthansa to Vienna. I believe our bags are being sent through to our destination. How do I find our connecting flight? I have missed our connection in Frankfurt several times and do not want to repeat. The airport is so confusing. I heard each airline usually comes/goes from the same gate, so how can i figure this out? Do we have to change levels??


  • Connecting through Frankfurt
    Jul 9, 2016
    I'm arriving from Toronto via Air Canada and connecting to Milan. Is 1 hour enough as we don't have checked luggage


    It should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.


  • Tight connection advice please
    Jul 19, 2016
    on 27 July we connect from LH403 at 7:30 am gate Z25 to LH270 at 8:40 am gate A40 , any advice on connection time and walking route to take that day ? any passport control ?I am nervous as we have another flight to catch in Milan, our next destination. Thank you


    Aug27 I will arrive from Vancouver on an Air Canada flight operated by Lufthansa at Terminal 1 and connect 1 hr 30 min later to a Lufthansa flight to Florence, Italy -also terminal 1. Will I need to go through passport control and/or security between flights? I assume my bags will be checked through. Thanks!


  • Connecting flight
    Jul 8, 2016
    We arriving in Frankfurt at 15:45 through gate C5A and connecting to flight at gate Z62 . We have one hour 20 min to reach A38. Both flights are Lufthansa. Do we have enough time to transfer taking into account that a child is in stroller so we have to take elevators? Can we map our transfer rout beforehand to be prepared? Thanks


  • Terminal connections
    Jul 7, 2016
    We arriving in Frankfurt at 8:40 am through gate B26a and connecting to flight at gate A38 . We have one hour to reach A38 . We have no checked baggage. Both flights are Lufthansa. Do we have enough time to transfer? Thanks


  • 1 hr. 55 min connection, international -> domestic, diff. airlines
    Jul 7, 2016
    I am arriving with UA at 2:55PM and scheduled to depart with Lufthansa at 4:50PM. They're on different booking references. I have no baggage. Is this enough time to make my connection?


    Edit: Arriving from SFO and flying to WRO, Poland.


    Yes, that is enough time. If you don't already have your Lufthansa boarding pass you can get it from the Lufthansa Transfer Desk in Frankfurt.


  • Checked bags
    Jul 3, 2016
    I am traveling LH from USA through Frankfurt to a non Schengen Area. Will I be able to check my bags to my final destination without going through customs/passport control in Frankfurt and rechecking my bags? On the return, I am leaving from a Schengen Area on LH and traveling through Frankfurt back to US. I only have a 2 hour layover. Same question on my checked bags. Do I need to recheck in Frankfurt and go through customs? If so, do I have enough time?


    Yes, you will not have to do anything with your bags or go through passport control in Frankfurt on your way out. On your return you just have to go through passport control in Frankfurt, nothing with your bags. You have enough time.


  • Connecting from AA to Lufthansa
    Jul 3, 2016
    I flying AA to FRA arriving at Terminal 2 and connecting to Lufthansa at Terminal 1 going to Bremen. My bag is checked to FRA. Do I need to get my bag and go thru custom. What's the easiest way to get to T1 from T2 after getting my checked bag from AA? Thank yyou


    Yes, you will need to claim your bags to transfer them to Lufthansa. I believe you can take the Skyline on the non-secure side with checked bags.


  • Passport control & customs
    Jul 1, 2016
    I am traveling from Tampa to Frankfurt on LH and then connecting on LH flight to Split Croatia. Will we go through passport control/customs in Frankfurt or Split? On our return we travel from Budapest to Frankfurt on LH and then Frankfurt to Tampa. Will we go through Passport control in Frankfurt?


    Since Croatia is not in the Schengen Area you will not be entering the Schengen Area and therefore will not go through passport control or customs in Frankfurt on your way to Split. On the return, since Hungary is in the Schengen Area, you will go through Schengen Exit Passport Control in Frankfurt.


  • Connecting flight in terminal 2
    Jul 1, 2016
    I am flying from london to frankfurt and need to catch a flight with a different airline.i will be arriving at 9.40am and the next flight leaves at 12.10am to madrid. Will I have to go through customes and immigration and will I have time to do so and collect my bags.. and check into the next flight??


    Yes, that should be enough time. I assume you mean 12:10 PM, not AM (12:10 AM is just after midnight).


    Yes my mistake 12.10pm. I would have to exit and reenter..going through security and everything again. Am i correct?


    Yes, you will have to go through passport control, claim your bags, re-check your bags, and go through security.


  • Lufthansa flights from Beijing, China to FRA to Newark, US
    Jun 30, 2016
    My Parents, two Chinese citizens, will travel on Lufthansa flight from Beijing to FRA, and transfer to another Lufthansa flight from FRA to Newark. What do they need to do at FRA (passport control? Security?)? Since none of them know Germany, and they can only speak a little English, is there anything they should be aware? Which signs should they follow? Many thanks in advance.


    All they have to do in Frankfurt is go through security and to their departure gate.


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