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Hi, my wife is arriving at 15.15 from Havana through terminal 1 in a Condor flight and she needs to get her next flight (Lufthansa) to London in the same terminal which departures at 17.00. She is from Cuba but she does not need a transit visa in Germany. Is that enough time? I asked a wheelchair to help her to move directly toward the next gate.
Yes, that should be enough time.
I will be possessing only Ireland entry visa shoud I be able to transfer
between flights without transit visa
You need a German Airport Transit Visa.
Thanks for the information ZAP. It's my first time travelling out of India
and please let me know if I can obtain the German Airport transit visa on arrival. Again thanks in advance.
No, they do not issue visas on arrival - you need it to board the plane. You need to get it from a German Embassy or Consulate in India.
Thanks for the information. But I happen to see the information in Lufthansa portal,
3. Indian nationals can Transit without Visa via FRA or MUC if holding a valid visa for the destination and a valid Visa for any of the following countries

Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Romania, UK and USA (the approval notice I-797 is not valid document for visa free airport transit).
OK, that's better information than what I was working off which did not include Ireland.
Hi. I am flying from Atlanta to Frankfurt on the 21st of December and I have a 3 hour connection in Frankfurt? Is that enough time? Will I need to go through passport control? I then fly to Rome, so will those flights be in the same terminal? How does that connection work? ON January 3rd, I al flying from Venice to Frankfurt with an hour and 30 minute connection to my final flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta. IS that enough time? Do I need to switch terminals? Thank you in advance.
What airlines are you flying? If all flights are on Lufthansa then that is enough time and will be in the same terminal
HI. I arrive 23 december in Frankfurt from Tirana with a lufthansa flight and then after 45 minutes I have a flight to krakow always with lufthansa.. The time from gate to gate enough? I am UE citizen.
That will be difficult as you will have to go through Schengen entry passport control and security and then to your departure gate in Frankfurt. I won't say it's completely impossible though.
Hi. I am planning to fly from Manchester, UK to Frankfurt then onto EWR with United. Shows 1.35hrs connection at FRA. Will I need to collect luggage and re-check it, and go through security again. Trying to work out if I will have enough time for this connection. TQ
No, you will not need to collect your baggage or go through security in Frankfurt - just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you ZAP. Would both gates be in Terminal One, do you happen to know?
Yes, they would.
Thank you again ZAP for your help, much appreciated.
Hi i'm having a flight with lufthansa from madrid to frankfurt apt T1 connecting to T2 in frankfurt apt going to abu dhabi with etihad and I have 1 hour and 5min to connect. will that be enough time?

Is it one reservation or two separate reservations? With two separate reservations and checked bags I don't think that would be possible. On one reservation it's barely possible if everything goes perfectly.
seperate reservations and i have no bags for checked in just a carry-on —is it still doable?

I appreciate your replys btw!
I am considering a flight from PRG-FRA-IAD. I am an American, so I want to know if I will have to go through any sort of immigration between flights. Would 1 hr and 15 minutes be enough connection time?
You will have to go through Schengen exit passport control in Frankfurt. That should be enough time if both flights are on Lufthansa/United.
I have a connecting flight from FRA to USA. As I will not go throgh immigration in Athens - 45 min is enought for the conencting flight?
That is very difficult as you will have to go through Schengen Exit Passport control in Frankfurt and then go to your departure gate. I won't say it's impossible, but very very difficult.
Arriving Lufthansa from Tampa. Have 1 hour 25 minutes to next flight Lufthansa to Jeddah. Do I have enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Hello, I wanted to know if 1 hr and 45 mins is enough time to connect. I will be flying Orlando> Frankfurt > Moscow. (The sam trip on the way back). Booked all on 1 ticket through Lufthansa website. Any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Yes, that should be enough time. you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.