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I am arriving from Cananda ( stanby ) to Terminal 1 FRA and I have a connection in Terminal 2 for Air France ( CDG), also stand by, witout being checked in for the second flight. No luggage. I have one hour. Will I make it? Thanks in advance for the answer.
It will be difficult. You will need to get a DM card or something from Air France to go to Terminal 2.
I have a connection in FRA on separate tickets, arriving on WOW (Terminal 2) from Iceland and departing on Croatia Air (Terminal 1) with only 1 hour and 40 mins layover. I do have a checked bag. Assuming no delays, do I have enough time to catch my flight to Croatia?

Also, what is the quickest way to transfer my checked bag? Is there a transfer counter or do I have to exit and check in at the front desk?

Since I am traveling on different airlines with two different tickets, is there a way to have the checked bag rerouted to the final destination?

Thanks in advance!
You will have to claim your bags, take a shuttle to Terminal 1, re-check your bags with Croatian, then go through Schengen Exit passport control and security and to your departure gate. You do not have enough time to reasonably make your connection.
How long does it typically take to go through this entire process?
Personally I'd want at least 3 hours.
When transferring from concourse B to A. Can i stay in the sterile area and ont go through security again.
It depends where you are flying into Frankfurt from.
From Canada to spain
You will go through Schengen Entry passport control when you arrive in Frankfurt but you won't have to go through security.
I believe ZAP is mistaken: I travel from Canada to Spain monthly and always have to clear both passport control AND security. Security can take awhile, although there is a fast lane if you qualify.
If I only have one hour and I need to get from terminal 1 to terminal 2 (no luggage, just a carry-on), will I have enough time?
I will be arriving from Tel Aviv and flying to the US.
How do I know where to go exactly? What gate? Is it better to take the skyline or the shuttle bus?
Is it easy to get around there if I don't speak or read German?
You don't have enough time to do that.
Because it's far? Security check? Something else?
I asked several times and was assured it's enough time assuming there's no delay with my flight.
Sorry, I was a bit mistaken, it is possible if you are able to check in online for your flight to the US. If you can't it will be difficult (although the Skyline train does allow sterile non-Schengen to Non-Schengen connections between T1 and T2. You will have to take the Skyline, there are plenty of signs in English. You will have to check the monitors or your airline's website to know your departure gate.
Ok, thank you so much! I hope I can check in early.
Hi, I am flying from BCN to PHL, with connection in FRA. Connection time is only 50 mins - is that enough time? I will check bags to final destination, but am concerned that I will need to go through passport control in FRA? (Or do I go through passport control only in BCN?) Thanks
Yes, that is just enough time. You will go through Schengen Exit Passport Control in Frankfurt, but it is a very brief process.
Hi - I will be transferring at Frankfurt from Denver, CO to Prague where I live and I am bringing my 2 cats in the cargo hold. Both flights are with Lufthansa. Is a 1 hour and 30 minutes enough time to transfer? thank you
Yes, that should be enough time if the flight from Denver is on-time.
Hi, arriving terminal 1 from canada and departing terminal 1 to Beirut. No checked bags. Standby ticket and not checked into MEA flight. 1 HR and 5min connection. Enough time ? Thank you.
It's not impossible, you'll just have to run to the MEA gate and hope the agents there are accomodating.
I have a connection between Geneva flight LH1227 arriving at Terminal 1A-Plus, Bus (20:50) to a Bangkok flight LH772 from Terminal 1, Gate B25. The theoretical time is one hour and 10 minutes including the bus transfer from aiplane to terminal. Is this doable?
Thank you for any information I can get.
Yes, that is possible if the flight from Geneva is on-time.
Thank you. I cannot find on any map where A-Plus zone is. Would you have an idea? Also, I assume I will have to go through passport control.
I believe it's a bus gate on the lower level of A. Yes, you will go through Schengen exit passport control, which is typically a brief process.
Thank you for the information!
Arriving at FRA on United from San Francisco. Connection on Lufthansa to Thessaloniki, Greece. Only have 1 hour, is this enough time and do I have to go through security?
You do not have to go through security. You just have to go through passport control and to your departure gate. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you.
I will be arriving on Lufthansa from Denver, CO into Frankfurt at 11:10am. I have a connecting flight to Nuremberg at 1:00 pm also on Lufthansa. Will i have enough time? Also, if I check luggage, will it go all the way through to Nuremberg or do I have to re-check it in Frankfurt?
Thank you
Yes, that is enough time. You don't have to do anything with your bags in Frankfurt. Just go through passport control and to your departure gate.