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I am flying into FRA on United and need to get on a Air Berlin flight at 10:50am. I have to go from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Do I have to go through secruity?
I really don't think you have enough time for that connection. Maybe you have a slight chance if you have no checked bags and the United flight arrives a bit early.
Hi I'm flying with a family of 4 booked Lufthansa with Lufthansa from Dublin to Beijing via Frankfurt. We have a two hour connection time. Ireland is not a Schengen country. Will we have to go through security again? If so how much time could you likely loose here? I know both flights will be Terminal 1 - but even with all the maps the Airport has I have no idea as to how big Terminal 1 is? Anyone know how far apart gates are likely to be for flight arriving from Dublin and flight departing to Beijing on Airbus A380.
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Thank you
Hello, I wanted to know if 2 hrs and 20 mins is enough time to connect. I will be flying Amsterdam > Frankfurt > San Francisco. Booked all on 1 ticket through united's website, but will be flying Lufthansa Amsterdam > Frankfurt, then getting on a United flight Frankfurt > San Francisco. Any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
All you have to do is go through Schengen Exit Passport control and to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Is 50 minutes ok?
Obvioulsy if LH sold it it meets the MCT but will it be close call?
Yes, since everything is within Schengen that should be enough time.

I will arrive at 10:05 at FRA with Lufthansa and I have the next plane at 11:45 to Shenzhen with Air China. Do I have to recollect my luggage in FRA and check it in again or is my luggage transferred from the LH plane to the CA plane? Is 1h50 enough for this transfer, considering the passport checks?
Where are you flying into FRA from? Are both flights on the same reservation?
I fly in from BRU. They are indeed on the same reservation (booked through an agency).
Yes, that should be enough time. You just have to go through Schengen Exit Passport Control and to your departure gate.
Are FRA and PRG in the same schengen zone? Only 55 minutes between connecting flights on same ticket from IAD-FRA-PRG. Travel companion is concerned we'll miss connection. Do we go through passport control or just straight to gate?
Yes, Frankfurt and Prague are in the Schengen Area. You will go through passport control in Frankfurt. It is a difficult connection but possible.
air canada from Toronto transfer to Lufthansa to nice. Will i have to go through security between transfers at FRA? I have 90 mins to transfer. Recently flew YYZ-FRA-UK and had to run from gates A-z to Gate B (Terminal 1) take the train and go through security again. Missed flight due to long line at Security, late landing. Hoping to not have to repeat that experience again.

I will get a train from FRA to Koln. Are 2h enough for it? Thank you
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hello, I have 1h30min to a connection flight to New York. I'll arrive in Terminal 1 from Vilnius (15:40) and need to catch the flight at 17:10, Terminal 1. Would i have enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hi I arrive from bangalore, india to frankfurt with 1.4hrs as layover time to catch my connecting flight to seattle,WA, USA.
Will that be enough time? I guess my baggage will be checked through and through from Bangalore to Seattle. The terminal for both flights is same..terminal 1
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do in Frankfurt is go through security and to your departure gate.