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Have one hour between flights is it going to be enough? Have to move from A to B?
Where are you flying from and to?
I am arriving in Terminal 1 from Lufthansa and I have to pick up my luggage and go to Terminal 2 to catch an Air France flight. I have 2 hours in between the flights. Is that enough ?
What should I do to go from Terminal 1 to 2 ?

Many Thanks in advance !
You have to take the shuttle bus between terminals. 2 Hours will be very difficult.
Do I have to clear security again if connecting from Terminal 1 to 2
That depends on your transfer.
It is not a connecting flight but 2 different airlines I have 1hr and 45minutes to connect no baggage.

My kids are travelling alone from Vancouver(Canada) to Bangalore(India) and have a 1 hr transit time in Frankfurt. I am bit concerned for the same. I have read that Frankfurt is a huge airport. Is a transit time of 1 hour be sufficient for them to change flights? They are travelling by Air Canada operated by Lufthansa.

Appreciate your response.


Banu Rajanna
Flying from MAA(INDIA) to DTW(USA) in Lufthansa via Frankfurt, just 90 mins layover. would like to know if this is sufficient? Do I need to go through passport control? Confirm if flights to USA leaves from concourse Z?
All you have to do is go through security and to your departure gate. You have enough time.
hi dear,
im flying with lufthansa to washington dulles airport, i have 4 hours layover in Frankfurt
and i want to know the best way to beware from losing my gates ?
Im flying with Air Canada to FRA and the flight is scheduled to land at 10:10, my next flight ( Lufthansa) which is going to Nigeria leaves at 11:10. Will I make it on time ? Is there going to be a security check or do I just walk to my next gate ?
I have a 55min layover in FRA from Paris on my way back to the States. Will this be enough time to make it to my connecting flight? What happens if I miss it? First time flying in Europe so curious on how it works.
Yes, that should be enough time. if you miss your connection you will be rerouted to your destination some other way.
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I will be flying from Montréal to Frankfurt than to Bucharest - Apparently, it is from Terminal 1 - would I have enough time and if I have to go again thrue security check point in 2h30 - it is my first time in plane and i am very nervous missing my flight connecting flight - and to they also use the same gate for Bucharest
All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Am travelling Yyc to Lisbon via Frankfurt on air Canada. is it necessary to claim luggage and go thru customs in Frankfurt?
You will not have to claim your bags, but you will go through Schengen Entry Passport Control in Frankfurt. The flight to Lisbon will be operated by Lufthansa.