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  • Lufthansa US to FRA to BCN with cat
    May 27, 2013
    Hi - (1) where do we get the BCN flight in Frankfurt, is it near our US (From Sea-Tac) arrival gate? (2) do we go through passport or customs at FRA or in BCN or both? (3) Will it take us longer to transfer or go through passport or customs because we have a cat as carry-on? Thanks!


    At FRA, U.S. Arrivals (non-Schengen /foreign)are being processed at Area A where they go through passport control only; (US departures use the Z gates, which are one flight above A gates). If you need to transfer inside Terminal 1, between B gates (T1B)and A gates (T1A)- Lufthansa uses both - you can use either the transfer tunnel outside security, or the SkyLine train inside security, which leaves every 2-3 mins. Regarding cat - that depends on how German security is handling this - cannot advise you on that. On arrival at Barcelona, you are considered a 'Schengen' (domestic) flight.


    May 12, 2013
    My wife and I have a one hour connection. I understand we will arrive FRA Terminal A gates. Will our departure gate to BUD also be in Terminal A? I am seeing flights departing from A28 and A60. Is A60 on the upper level of Terminal A and shown on the terminal map at Z60?


    Terminal 1 at FRA is used by Lufthansa and its Star Alliance, including United & US Airways Terminal 2 by all other airlines). As an international arrival you will land at Concourse A building, separate from the main terminal, which has its A gates on the lower level and its Z gates on the upper level. If your connecting flight is out of B gates, use the connecting tunnel to the main terminal and proceed to C gates if necessary.


  • from Spain to SFO
    May 9, 2013
    Hi, I have 45 min of connection between flight in FRA terminal 1 on Sunday. I come from Barcelona and I go to San Francisco. I only have 45 minutes between flights. Can someone help or advice me about connections betweens gates? :P Thank you!


    If you arrive at and depart from the same Terminal 1 of FRA, you will use either Z, B or C gates; your transfer time should suffice. This is the Concourse layout: Concourse Z (on upper level of Concourse A) is divided into gates Z11-25 (left) and Z50-69 (right) - accessible from the Tunnel connecting A, Z & B Concourse B, gates B1-B63: a transfer tunnel near B19 connects to A & Z gates; the SkyLine train near B-8 connects to E & D gates of Terminal 2. C gates are on the opposite side of A, B & Z piers, accessible from level 2 of the main terminal, with separate gate areas holding gates C1-C9, and gates C13-20 (located near D gates D32-35.)


  • Enough time
    Apr 25, 2013
    My wife and I are flying from Nuremberg to Frankfurt and on to Denver. We have only 50 minutes in Frankfurt between the lufthansa flights (flight LH0147 and LH 0446. Is that enough--will they be doing passport control etc. My wife doesn't walk fast as she had a cardiac condition


    I don't believe there will be any passport control but there will likely be security at your gate. Frankfurt is built to handle tight connections.


  • Connect Lufthansa to united gates
    Apr 23, 2013
    I arrive FRA and must transfer to United flight to US in 40 min. Where are the likely gates of arrival and departure and how to get there?


    Arrival is on Lufthansa....I forgot.


    At FRA, U.S. arrivals are being processed at Area A of Terminal 1 where they go through passport control only; (US departures use the Z gates). Lufthansa uses Piers (Concourses) A & B, while United uses B. To get to Concourse B use the SkyLine train inside security, departing every 2-3 mins. (or take the transfer tunnel outside security). B gates: B1-B63. Hurry!


  • favorite restaurant
    Apr 22, 2013
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    Apr 19, 2013
    Hello ! I would like to ask, which is the shortest way to get from Terminal 1 A( schengen) to B ( non-schengen ) for my connection flight to Moscow. Can i use the tunnel between A and B? Or i have to walk around the terminals because of passport control. I checked the offered map on the website, but it wasn't exactly clear what is the best choice. I have 45 minutes , so its a hot connection. Flights are booked at once.


    On arrival at FRA, Concourse A, take the SkyLine Train to Concourse B (both concourses are in Terminal 1) running every 2-3 mins inside secured area.


    Apr 14, 2013
    Hello, I'm travelling from BUD to LGW via FRA. According to recent flight statuses, my flight seems to arrive at Schengen B bus gates, and the LGW flight departs from one of the non-Schengen B gates. I would like to know how much time it usually takes to get bussed to the arrival gates, and whether the 50-minute connection time will be enough.


    On arrival at FRA, take the free Skyline train departing every 2-3 mins and taking only minutes, and stopping at T1, Concourse A/Z (need boarding pass), Terminal 1, Hall B, Terminal 2 between Halls D/E,


  • To get from bus gate 1A to B gate
    Apr 9, 2013
    Arriving on LH non-Schengen bus gate 1A. Connecting flight out of B gates, also non-Schengen. Is tunnel the best way or Sky Line? Thanks!


    Seems the tunnel is a better bet.


  • Connecting Flight
    Apr 1, 2013
    I'm flying from WARSAW to USA via FRANKFURT. The flight from Warsaw to Frankfurt is via Lufthansa operated by LOT Polish Airlines. Do the flights on LOT Polish airlines unload on the runway, so that the passengers have to take buses into the terminal? I will have a 1:10 hr layover, and I am not sure if this will be enough time.


  • Help with Connection
    Mar 25, 2013
    My group of 40 is arriving on flight LH 439 from Dallas and connecting to LH 686 to Tel Aviv with only an hour time. Can you tell me the terminal and gate #'s of each so I can look on a map and estimate the distance between gates?


    The exact gates won't be known until the day of departure. You will have to hope that your Dallas flight is early. Both flights will be in the non-Schengen part of Terminal 1. This is a decent guide to connecting at FRA - It's simple advice - "when in doubt, follow the signs"


  • Help with connection in FRA
    Mar 7, 2013
    I will be arriving by LH-419 from IAD (USA) at 7:40 a.m. Terminal I A and connecting to LH 758 (to Chennia - MAA - India) which departs at 9:55 a.m. from Terminal I AB. Where is Terminal I AB. Do I go up by elevators and catch the skyline to Terminal B please? Thanks in advance.


    All of your flights will be in Terminal 1 (there are no Terminal A/B/etc.) You do not have to take the skyline.


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