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Frankfurt (FRA) Airport

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Got a tip about FRA airport? You've come to the right place for help on getting to, through, and between Frankfurt airport. Share your experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • Gate for Lufthansa to Rio de Janeiro
    Sep 14, 2012
    Hi, I am going to fly to Rio de Janeiro by Lufthansa on 17th of December from Delhi. I will land at FIA at 7 am. I have 3 hours of transition at the Frankfurt International Airport (FIA). Which gate should I go for departure to Rio?


    At FRA on arrival you need to go through non-Schengen (foreign) passport check. Lufthansa uses Concourses A & B of Terminal 1. (A gates were temporarily renumbered to Z gates 11-25 due to ongoing construction there); B gates remain B gates - On arrival look at overhead screens to find your flight number and gate. The SkyLine trains leave every 2-3 minutes, stopping at T1's Concourses A & B. You have plenty of time.


  • Connection
    Sep 10, 2012
    My friends are arriving at 13.40h from Lisbon (LH6955) and connecting to Larnaca with departure at 14.40h (CY377). Can you please provide assistance so they can get the flight to Larnaca? Their names: Luis Barreiros and Tiago Filho. Thanks


    Your friends arrive at FRA via Lufthansa at Terminal 1, Concourse B (B gates) and depart with Cypress Airways in the same Concourse. No need to transfer - they just need to walk over to their connecting gate (overhead screens should indicate flight number & gate).


  • transfering between terminal 2 and 1
    Sep 3, 2012
    I will arrive at 16:30 by British airways in terminal 2 and my connection flight is LH900 from Terminal 1 gate B25. What is the best way to reach my connection flight gate ?


    At FRA Airport you will connect from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, Pier B, which ison level 2. If you need to transfer between the two terminals, use the free SkyLine train which connects B, D & E gates, and comes around every two minutes.


  • Change of airlines - 1:
    Aug 30, 2012
    On 28.12.12 I am arriving from LAS on DE 4083 at 13:30 and then departing on JU 351 to BEG at 14:50. These flights are not being purchased as connecting, but rather separate flights. Is there enough time to clear passport control, claim baggage, check-in and board the JU 351 flight?


    You arrive at FRA via Condor Airlines and depart via Jat Airways, both using Terminal 1, Concourse C gates. You need to go through non-Schengen passport conrol, then pick up your bags, check them in and get your boarding pass for your connecting flight: If you do not yet have a boarding card for your connecting flight, you can obtain one at the gate or at the Transfer Desk in the B Concourse of Terminal 1. FRA has excellent directional signs. Your time is tight, hurry.


  • Connecting flight in 1Hr 40 min
    Aug 20, 2012
    Hi, I am traveling between Pune and SFO with transit in Frankfurt thru Lufthansa. I am having a transit time of 1 Hr and 40 mins. Will this be sufficient? LH 769 from Pune to Frankfurt LH9052 from Frankfurt to SFO


    I suggest you open for detailed information, including customs procedures (non-Schengen), click on "Terminal Map" and scroll down to the text below the map.


  • Choosing flights-which is better choice?
    Jul 28, 2012
    Making reservations for May 2013. Rome to FRA on LH243, connecting to LH440 to Houston. Or, Rome to FRA on LH231 connecting to UA47 Each allows 90 min. Is one of these an easier connection to make?


    I would opt for taking Lufthansa for both flights, unless it is willing to transfer your bags in Frankfurt to your United flight, as not all airlines do that, in which case you would have to claim your bags on arrival and re-check them in at the United counter (Lufthansa uses both Concourses A & B, while United uses Concourse B (with corresponding gates. 90 mins should suffice.


  • Connecting flight to Chennai
    Jul 27, 2012
    Next week, flying from SFO to Frankfurt (LH 9053) and from Frankfurt taking the connecting flight to Chennai (LH 758) on the same day. The time gap is only 75 minutes. Is that sufficient? Which terminal the flights are likely to arrive and depart.


    Lufthansa serves Frankfurt Airport at Terminal 1, at both Concourses A & B. Arriving flight could be either in the A or B gates; departing flight is listed as being in the B gates ("1B") If you need to transfer inside Terminal between B gates and A & Z gates, you can use transfer tunnel. Note, however, that recentlty A gates 51-65 were renamed to Z11 to Z25. Your transfer time should suffice if your incoming plane is not considerably late.


  • transfer
    Jul 25, 2012
    I am flying in from Chicago on Lufthansa arriving at 06:50 and need to connect at 08:30 to a flight to Muenster/Osnabrueck, also on Lufthansa. I am a senior with a recent knee replacement. Do I have enough time going through Immigration and then connecting to my flight?


    When arriving at Frankfurt Airport, you will need to go through their 'non-Schengen' (foreign) arrivals immigration/ customs clearance procedure. Bring along a paper indicating your knee replacement, just in case. While seniors past 75 are now excempt from going through body search in the U.S., I am not sure whether Europe also adheres to this change. As to time, it should suffice; however, keep in mind that you arrive & depart at morning rush hour and peak summer time travel. Note that Lufthansa operates in both Concourses A & B with corresponding gates. On arrival, look at the overhead screens and note your connecting flight number, gate & departure time.


  • connection from terminal D to A
    Jul 24, 2012
    What terminal do I go for flight on Lufthansa from FRA to RZE. from the NH Franfurt aiport hotel. Thank you.


    At FRA, Lufthansa at Terminal 1 uses both Concourses A & B with corresponding gates. (A transfer tunnel connects those two concourses). Take the Hotel shuttle to Terminal 1, go through security check and on to your gate.


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