Public transportation from the Airport to your destination: (Some local hotels run shuttle buses from Terminal 1, Concourse A, Arrivals, and from Terminal 2, D & E Concourses, Arrivals. These bus stops have telephones with direct lines to the hotels.)

The Lufthansa Airport Shuttle buses to City Center (booth 312), and to Mannheim, Heidelberg & Strassbourg leave Terminal 1 in front of the B Arrivals hall. Tickets can be obtained at a travel agency or from the driver. (visit:  www.lufthansa-airportbu.de)

Trains:  On the basement level of Terminal 1 are two train stations for regional trains and the AIRail Terminal for long-distance ICE trains with train connections throughout Europe. For more train information visit: www.bahn.de and click on 'connections across Germany'.

Train info & tickets for local transport are available at RMV Mobility Center located at DB Travel Center of Terminal 1, Concourse B, Level 0; ticket machines are on the same level.  For schedules & fares visit rmv.de;  Ticket machines for long-distance travel on German Rail are in the same area, and at the long-distance train station of the AIRail terminal. EC debit card or credit cards are accepted. 

For transportation details visit: www.rmv.de.en/#

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