Parking Options at Frankfurt Hahn Airport

Parking options at Frankfurt Hahn Airport:
1. If you come by car with passengers who will, like you, return to the airport within a few days/weeks, drop off your passenger(s) and luggage at the terminal first - then park your car in one of the long-term parking lots and board the free shuttle bus back to the terminal.
2. Parking facilities include: P1a garage, and P1b lot, both across from the passenger terminal. P1c is near the hotel. Parking lots P2a through P2i  & parking lot 3a & 3b are all in close proximity to each other (south of the terminal), while parking lots 4a & 4b are further to the east and are served by shuttle buses.  P1a & P1c can be reserved at special rate.
3. Parking is rated by 'Comfort' (P1), ' Quality' (P2), 'Smart' (P3) and 'Low Cost' (P4) and charges are accordingly. All facilities offer the first ten minutes free.
For more parking information, e-mail:

Parking Rates at HHN Airport

P1 (A,C)
Rate: each add week 95
10 mins free
1 hr 2.5
1 day 18
1 week 95
P1 (B)
Rate: each add week 150
10 mins free
1 hr 2.5
1 day 28
1 week 150
Rate: each add week 30
10 mins free
1 hr 2
1 day 5.5
1 week 33
Rate: each add week 35
10 mins free
1 hr 2
1 day 7
1 week 40
Rate: each add week 24.5
10 mins free
1 hr 2
1 day 3.5
1 week 24.5

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