Fresno Yosemite Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Short Term Lot
Each 20-minute period, or portion thereof - $1
Daily max - $12

Long Term Lot
Each day or portion thereof - $8

Cell Phone Waiting Area - located at east of the terminal on north side of entry road.
If and when meter parking or parking at hourly/daily parking is not convenient, this area allows motorists to wait in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot until their party has arrived, retrieved luggage and calls you to be picked at at the curb. 12 spaces are available. The max. waiting time is 60 minutes, and drivers must stay with their car at all times. Open 24hrs/day; security provided.

For Additional parking information, call ACE at (559) 252-0052

Fresno Yosemite ( FAT ) Airport Parking Map

Fresno Yosemite FAT airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near Fresno Yosemite Airport ( FAT )