FUK Airport - Fukuoka Airport ( Fukuoka, Kyushu , Japan )


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Fukuoka International Airport FUK serves the Kyushu Prefecture of Japan and its City of Fukuoka. It is Japan's third-busiest commercial Airport.

FUK Airport is located in Hakata-ku, 3 km east of Hakata Station, and southeast of the city center of Fukuoka. It is connected to all parts of the city by Kuoka City Subway (a 10-minute ride to the business center). Due to its closeness to residential areas, flights are limited to 7am-10pm. 

With around 21 milion passengers a year, and a long runway, Fukuoka Airport is served by a host of domestic and international airlines offering direct flights throughout Japan, as well as to cities throughout East Asia.

Fukuoka International Airport has four passenger terminals: connected Domestic Terminals T1, T2, T3 & separate International terminal IT.
NOTE:  WiFi service has been upgraded to SSID's Wi2 (the service also covers international operators iPass, Boingo, AT& & Notava).

Current and future Airport developments: The Government  intends to ease current airport congestion, and to obtain more overseas visitors.
 - In late March 2017, it was announced that a contract was signed to outsource the Airport's operation and development to a private contractor, effecitve April 2019  (the bidder  chosen at the following May 2017 selection process). The funds derived from the sale are intended to be used for the construction of a 2.5 km runway (west of the current runway), with landing facilities and  guide path. 
 - In April 2017 trial started using automated Omron robots to carry the bags of passenges in the domestic terminal.


Fukuoka, Kyushu,
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