Fukuoka FUK Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Fukuoka FUK Airport

The passenger terminal complex at Fukuoka International Airport encompassses four passenger terminals - domestic terminals T1, T2, T3  and more distant International  Terminal IT.
    Domestic Terminals T1, T2, T3 are connected to each other.  (T1 & T2 are organized by airline-specific locations).  The Subway station is between T-1 & T-2; the Express Bus to the City stops across from T2. 
    International Terminal (IT) across from the runway,  is located in the western part of the Airport - connected to the domestic terminals by free shuttle bus (taking about 15 minutes between them).

Domestic Terminal 1 with two levels is next to the Control Tower. It houses on level 1both Arrivals and Departures areas: The Arrivals area has an Information counter, post office and baggage claim; there are two departures lobbies: one for JAL, JAC, AMX & FDA airlines; the other for IBX, ORC & ANA & Peach airline. After security check you proceed to level 2, with airline-specific departure Lobbies,  and a VIP Lounge. The gateways lead to gates 10-18
Domestic Terminal 2 with five above-ground levels (and access to the subway on its B1 level) houses the security center and 2 banks. 
    Level 1 is the Arrivals level; 
    Level 2 is the departure level and houses the ANA Lounge, JAL Sakura Lounge, departures lounges with access to gates 1 - 16.
    Level 3 houses the  VIP Lounge A-E, with food & drink and retail stores. 
    Level 4 has an observation desk.
DomesticTerminal 3 with two levels.
    Level 1is the Arrivals level, which houses the baggage carrousels, traffic & sightseeing counters, bus information center & ticket booth, and outside two Bus stops for Express Buses to different destinations, a shuttle bus stop in the center to the International Terminal, and taxi stands.
    Level 2 is the Departure level with check-in facilities and houses a pharmacy, dental & medical clinic, the ANA lounge and access to gates 3 & 4.

International Terminal (IT)
with 4 levels:  (outside of level 1 are three HighwayBus stops, the shuttle bus stop to the Domestic Terminals, and the taxi stand).
    Level 1 is the Arrivals level housing the Arrivals Lobby, baggage claim, and Customs and Arrivlas Lobby with tourist information booth, bus & tourist information counters, rental car desk, currency exchange. 
    Level 2 has a VIP Room, a bank, and  Immigration & Quarantine.
    Level 3 is the International Departures level  - (while cars & taxis reach this level directly - shuttle buses arrive on level 1 (use elevator in terminal center).  This level houses Airline check-in counters C through M, two departure lobbies on each side of the center, airline lounges, Customs and Immigration check, Duty-fee shops.  After Immigration is access to the boarding area with duty-free shops and the boarding area with gates 53-55 & 56-59 on opposite ends.
     Level 4 houses the observation deck.
For transfer to a domestic terminal, use the shuttle bus which runs between T1,T3 and IT.

Services and amenities inside the terminals:
Information desks are in each Terminal (T1, T2, T3 on the first floor 1F; I-T on Arrivals Concourse 1F). Other services include food & drink & retail concessons; baby-care rooms; banking, currency exchange and postal services; free internet access in departure lounges; left luggage delivery service, viewing galleries, Nippon Express counters, Lost & Found.
Medical/Dental & Pharmacy servicesMaruoka Clinic at T3, 2F; Kawakami Dental Clinic at T3 2F; Ako Pharmacy at T3, 2F; Kyusyu Chiryoin (Acupuncture, etc.) at T2, 3F.
VIP Lounges are available in domestic terminals 1 & 2 and in the International terminal - for inquiries call 092-477-0055. The reservation desk  is open daily 8am-7pm. It is requested that you fax the Airport's on-line reservation form (fax 092 477 0057), which can be done up to two months prior to day of use.
    Airline & Airport Lounges:
      (a) at Domestic Terminal 2, level 2, inside the boarding lobby are both the JAL Sakura Lounge and the ANA Lounge
      (b) at the International Terminal, level 3, inside the boarding lobby, are the Fukuoka Lounge, the Europe Lounge, and the KAL Lounge.
    Credit Card holder Lounge: TIME Relaxation Lounge at Domestic Terminal 2, level 2.
    Public Pay-in Lounge - available to all paying passengers - at Domestic Terminal 2, level 3

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