Parking Options at Gainesville Regional Airport

Airport Location: 3880 NE 39th Avenue.. (S.R. 222) Gainesville 32609.

If you need to pick up a passenger at Gainesville Regional Airport
, you may want to use the free cell phone lot near the Airport exit. Stay with your car until your party has collected baggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb.  You can also park in the short-term lot where the first 30 mins are $1.

Other parking options at Gainesville Regional Airport is available in the parking lot across from the passenger terminal divided into short- and long-term parking., with separate entrances/ exits. 

   The Short-Term Lot:
Fees:  first 30 mins $1, first hr $2, 2 hrs $3, and increasing each following hour by $2 hour; by 6 hrs $11;  6-24 hrs (daily  max) $12;
    The Long-Term Lot:
Fees: first 30 mins $1, up to 2 hrs $2, increasing by $2 each hr up to hour 5 at $8;  5-24 hrs (daily max) $9; each day thereafter $9; weekly $55.

NOTE: A new, automated pay parking system and new ticketing technology are now available.  At the entrance gate there are now two options: (a) press Ticket button on the machine to retrieve a parking ticket and open the gate; (b) insert credit or debit card to open gate (card will not be charged until using same card at exit gate.  Arriving passengers may also pay inside at a pre-pay kiosk while waiting for their  checked baggage.

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