Parking Options at Houston Intercontinental Airport

If you need to pick up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use the freeCell Phone Lot ('Passenger Pickup Lot')--stay with your vehicle until your party has gathered luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb. To access the lot, whether you're approaching the airport using John F. Kennedy Boulevard or Will Clayton Parkway, just follow the purple signs to the entrance.

Electric Vehicle charging stations:
  To use the EV charging stations you need a 'Blink InCard' or smart phone (available at, scan a QR code frm touch-screen for a Blink Guest Code.  Charging Stations are available  at Terminal A/B Garage on levels 1 & 4; at C Garage on level 4, & at D/E Garage on level 3 - all three of which have temporarily an additional charging station in valet.  ( For more information call 888-998-2546, or e-mail:

Other parking options at Houston Intercontinental: Over 25,000 parking spaces offer rates ranking among the lowest in the country. All vehicles entering the A/B and TC garages will be searched by security personnel.  Valet parking is now available.
    Parking Garages A - E:  The Terminal A/B Garage is between terminals TA & TB;  TC has its own garage, while TD/TE share a garage.
Fees: first hr $3, second hr $6; third hr $8; 3-5 hrs $10,  5-24 hrs (daily max) $20.
   SurePark i
s ideal for frequent flyers and is a 'members only' parking program. Designated parking areas are in Terminal C, level 3, C-East Garage.
Fees: first 3 hrs $9; 3 to 5 hrs $12;  5-24 hrs $24.
    Valet parking: (tel. 281-233-3277) available at TA & TB garages on ground level; at TC garage at level 4 & at D/E garage on level 2.
Fees:  $13 for first 2 hrs; $26/day.
    Ecopark Economy Lot 1 - with covered & uncovered parking - is located at the intersection of JFK Boulevard and Greens Road (the entrance is at the north gate located off JFK Boulevard's feeder road) with free shuttle service to the terminals, which can also accommodate oversized vehicles.
Fees:  covered: first 3 hrs $3.70; 3-24 hrs $7.39;  uncovered: first 3 hrs $3.70; 3-24 hrs $5.54 - plus taxes.
    'Ecopark2' on JFK Blvd. with covered spaces only is on 5021 Will Clayton Pkwy. - served by free 24/7 shuttle bus - has 2,300 covered parking spaces, EV charging stations & 30 ADA parking spaces. Campers & trucks may use the  entrance off north gate (off JFK Blvd's feeder road). For more information on Ecopark2 open:
Fees:  first 3 hrs $2.77;  3-24 hrs. $5.54 - plus taxes.   For more information open

A number of off-Airport parking facilities with courtesy shuttles are also available. 

Payment options
 - InstaPark is the quickest way to park at IAH  with credit card in/out service - just insert credit card at entrance, and use it again at exit. For more information call 281-233-1730.
- Parking Plus is a Frequent parking program.
- Automated EZ TAG to pay for parking works just like on toll roads. Obtain your TAG and display it on your windshield.

For more parking information call 281-233-1730 or visit

Houston Intercontinental (IAH) Airport Parking Map

Houston Intercontinental IAH airport parking map Hourly

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