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How long does it take for returning passengers to get through customs at IAH?
That depends on the time of day and the time of year.
just checking flying ubited
Do you have a question?
Where is gate C9
It's basically the furthest northwest gate in C - clearly seen here https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/airport/maps/iah.aspx
if i have a flight from Houston to LAX how much time do I need to be at the airport? Thank you
90 minutes before your flight is a good rule of thumb.
if i have a flight from Houston to LAX how much time do I need to be at the airport? Thank you
How can I get the historic TSA wait times for IAH? ifly.com has the historic wait times, but they only go back a month.
depends on what terminal
If the liquor is in its original unopened small bottle that meets the OZ. regulations for liquid and is stored in the appropriate sized sip-lock bag is it allowed in a carry on?
Yes, but you technically aren't allowed to drink it on the plane.
I am supposed to meet my granddaughter upon arrival in Houston, where I have several hours layover time. I will meet her in the Terminal A check-in area. Can you tell me how to get to the check-in area for United for international flights.
International flights do not check in in Terminal A. They check in in Terminal E. All terminals are connected outside security by the subway train.
I am traveling from London to Managua with transit in IAH. Is there an ATM machine in terminal B? Is three hours a lot of time for transit? I am a Norwegian citizen. I missed my flight has 2 hours for transit in Miami two years ago ... Thanks for the reply!
3 hours should be enough time. Houston is a lot less crazy than Miami.
How early do I need to arrive to the airport to be on time for my flight with united airlines departure time is 9:55am it's my first time ever flying have no clue or idea of what to do or where to go