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Today I was LOCKED IN the parking of the IAH airport because their system was not working. I had and emergency and need to leave ASAP, and instead of opening the gates for people to leave they were asking people to stay in the massive cash lane !! I was at least 30 minutes waiting, until I finally talked to one of the group personnel (totally unprepared for the situation) that I had to go NOW, and she opened the gate for me. I had cash to pay but they were not letting anyone out, this is ABSURD !! I was late for my son's doctor appointment because of this caos in the parking today. No one can take you right to come and go, this is UNACCEPTABLE!!
Note that this is not the IAH airport's website. Nobody from IAH will read this.
Employees that are payed to help are unhelpful and rude . We are suppose to host the super bowl we need to work on our customers service people
Note that this is not the IAH airport's website. Nobody from IAH will read this.
Is there a limit on the number of days you can park your car for free/with DV plates?
How does a disabled vet park for free at the houston airport
Is there a jump team or something like that to help if a car has a dead battery and wont start? Im leaving for a week and nervous about it.
Just called to confirm free parking anywhere at Houston-Bush "with" Texas DV plates. Take ticket, park, and leave through the cash only booth and charges gone. Appreciate your service and thank you G B Airport, Houston (I Called 281-233-1730)
What lots can a disabled vet park for free long terms parking at IAH Bush Airport in Houston?
I went to Florida for 5 days and stayed in Terminal C parking, for free.
What is the address or coordinates for the cell phone lot?
I called the main number for parking on 22 Mar 2014. She said that parking was FREE for all veterans who MUST have "DV" on their Texas license plates. She said to park anywhere and simply present the ticket and it would be comped fully for FREE. I did not ask her about out of state license plates.
People who were awarded certain medals while in the military can get plates free. In Austin they can park free at the airport. Does Houston offer the same privilege?
I am pretty sure they do - but check first - call 281-233-1730 or visit newsouthparking-tx.com. (Also, IAH's USO Facility is located in Terminal D, across from gate D2 (visit uso.org) and serves for military personnel & their families. open Mo-Sun 9am-9pm.) THANK YOU FOR SERVING - ALL THE BEST TO YOU!
I need to drop my mom at IAH to catch the emirates flight from IAH to DXB. Since she is flying first time. Needs to be with her till she goes to security clearance. So i might need to park the car 1-2 hrs near the termincal. Which is the best parking option ?
Emirates uses Terminal D at IAH, the short-term parking garage of which is between opposite Terminal D & E. NOTE: You may also go to the Emirates counter in the departures area and request a pass for you to accompany your mother to the gate.
Can a disabled vet with DV license plate park for free at Bush Airport?
I could not find a direct answer to your question, but suggest you open http://www.fly2houston.com/0/3917980/0/82841D93770D94099/ scroll down to the end and click on email address (or use telephone number) for General Manager.
I am a Viet Nam disabled vet and paid $187.00 for parking at IAH. Disabled vets park for free at San Antonio international airport. Shows how Houston appreciates the men who fought and died for them.
I called the airport on 22 Mar 2014 and they said YES as long as you have "DV" on your Texas license plate. Don't know about other than Texas plates.
Men and women Vets.... :)

I'm sorry that they didn't tell you but you can park up to 30 days for free at IAH with DV plates. I'm flying out Friday morning and not coming back for 10 days
Just want to confirm... You parked for free ? Anywhere ?