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Flying from Montego Bay into Iah arring at 7:58 pm and departing for a domestic flight at 9:22pm change of terminals I am sure...is this adequate time?
That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
I arrive from New Zealand around 1pm and next flight is not until 7.30pm. How early will I be able to check in my luggage. Flying Air New Zealand to IAH then United Express.
You can check your bags immediately. United check-in desks are open basically all day and accept bags for any flight that day.
Arriving IAH on Air New Zealand. Next flight is United Express to Charleston. Where do I check my bags - at recheck after customs or at United Express terminal? Thanks
You will re-check your bags at the re-check desk after customs assuming they are already tagged to CHS or CRW (depending on which Charleston you are going to).
Arriving from Ams on UA connecting to UA to Port of Spain;
-Do I pick up and check luggage in again?
-2 hours enough?
-What is min time advisable?
You won't have to claim and re-check your luggage since it is an International to International connection all on UA. You just have to go through US Immigration, customs, and security. You can use OneStop. You should have enough time.
Thanks for the guidance. What is "one stop" exactly?
I also see "Onestop" is only for passengers with no check in luggage and/or not for United passengers?
Onestop is for passengers with no checked luggage OR passengers on ITI connections where their bags are being transferred through to their final destination.
Flying into IAH from AMS with two hours to connect to Port of Spain. Will my check in luggage go through? Enough time??
We have flown into Terminal C from NYC but now am flying out of Terminal D to New Zealand, but we came across no security check for leaving the country? Is this normal or have we missed something? We walked from C to D and didn't take the skyway.
Correct, there is no special security when leaving the US.
I arrive at Terminal C at 2:50 and depart from Terminal D for an international flight at 3:50, Is that enough time?
Yes, that is enough time if your bags are tagged through. The Skyway train connects C and D inside security.
Hi - I am a Mexican with valid US VISA. I will be on UA6204 arriving at 11:07am from Mexico. Is there enough time to connect to UA2047 1:05 pm? There is less than 2 hours, assuming no flight delays.
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
All flights booked directly through United. One checked bag+stroller. One carry-on+car seat.
Arrive 5:09pm IAH (not sure of terminal)
Depart 5:55pm to YVR (Vancouver - likely terminal E?)
46 minute layover with 2 adults and an able 3yo. Let my husband convince me this was doable. Now I'm having second thoughts.
Is this doable or are we screwed?
You will arrive in B or C and depart from C. Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time but doesn't leave much time to spare.
Thank you! So we won't have to depart from the international terminal? That would be a big relief.
Flights to Canada almost never use the International Terminal.
We are flying into IAH tomorrow morning from MEM. We arrive at B19 with our connecting flight to SNA(John Wayne/Orange County) departing from C6. We have approx. 1 hr 10 min to make our connection. Looking at terminal maps, it doesn't appear there is a way to walk to to terminal C...am I correct? Keeping in mind that we have never been through IAH, where would we go to find the Skyway from our B19 arrival gate? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
Yes, that is enough time. the Skyway train connects all terminals inside security. It is very well signed.
Thank you!