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Hi team, we are flying into Houston on Air New Zealand for the first time, how long do I need to allow between my connecting flight to New York? - traveling with a family :)
On one reservation 2 hours, on two separate reservations, 3 hours.
Hi, I am flying from ORD to CUU and have a 39 min layover in IAH. Is it enough time?
Yes, that is enough time but it leaves no time to spare.
Flying in to IAH from LIR/Costa Rica.1 hr 30 min layover then NYC. All on United. Can I make it with 1 checked bag? Can I make it with a carryon?
It's possible but really leaves no time to spare. If you can do it without checked baggage, I'd really recommend it.
I have a flight 9/2 at 9:40 PM.
I've been rebooked 4 times. I have been canceled once again at 7:00 AM / 9-1. Will this flight depart on time. Flight 1157
This is not any airline or airport's website. Nobody here can help you.
I have a connecting flight from DC to IAH to Puerto Vallarta ...Are flights still canceled from IAH due to hurricane Harvey? And is 1.5 Hours enough time to board going through Immigration?
You need to contact your airline.
Hi, I am travelling from Los Cabos to Newark and will stop over at Houston. I have exactly 2 hrs between the time the Cabos->Houston flight lands to when the Houston->Newark flight takes off. Is that enough time to go through Immigration and Customs and get onto my Newark flight ? Thanks for your help !
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you much ZAP !!
Hi, I have a flight from London to Houston with British Airways, connecting to MTY Mexico with United, brought the tickets separetly, with a layover of 3 hours. Is it enough time to change the planes? Do I have to pick up my bags and go through security etc? Thank you
Yes, you will have to claim your bags from British Airways, take them through Customs, then re-check them at the United-check in desk then go through security. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Canadian citizen flying from LGA (New York) to LBB (Lubbock) with a 49 minute connection in IAH with a terminal change. Is that enough time, will I have to clear customs or security?
New York and Texas are both located in the United States of America. There is no US Customs when traveling on domestic flights. The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security.
I am flying from SFO Santiago through IAH. Outgoing flight I have 1 hour to transition, is that enough time?

On my way back, going from Santiago to SFO, I have 1h40min transfer time in IAH. Would that be enough time?
Both of those should be enough time. On the return to SFO you BARELY have enough time.
I'm flying in from honolulu to terminal b connecting to terminal c to Alabama is 45 min enough time to connect. Don't know gates yet.
That should be enough time. The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security.