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  • Arriving into IAH with BA at 3pm
    Mar 24, 2016
    We would like to travel onto miami the same day. Which terminal do we land into IAH with BA and how long would you recommend between flights - there are some with AA and some with United. Also which terminals are they in please?


    The British Airways flight will arrive into Terminal D. AA departs from Terminal A and the United flight would depart from Terminal B or C. I wouldn't recommend booking anything before 6 PM because it's two separate reservations. All terminals are connected outside security by the Subway train.


    Thank you - is it easy to book flights when we get there or should we buy a flexible one?


    Flights from Houston to Miami will be very expensive on the day of departure.


  • Connecting flight Canada Mex
    Mar 24, 2016
    Hi i will be arriving in IAH from Canada on a west jet flight (already cleared US Customs in Canada) and getting a connection to Mexico on United. How do i get my bags and check them in again, can i do this at the united counter inside the terminal?


    Yes, you can use any United check-in counter to re-check your bags, although you may want to take the subway train to your departure terminal first and use the United counter in that terminal (United mainline flights to Mexico depart from Terminal E and United Express flights to Mexico depart from Terminal B).


    Thank you, after we pick up our luggage do we need to go through security again?


    Yes, you will


  • London to Miami on American Airlines
    Mar 20, 2016
    Hello. I am on AA flight from london arriving Houston, Terminal E at 3.35pm. We depart on AA from terminal A at 5.27 pm. If we check our bags through to miami at Heathrow, do we need to collect and re-check bags at Houston. If yes, can we re-check just past customs and take the secure TerminalLink?


    AA does not fly from London to Houston - please double check your itinerary. Yes, you will have to claim and re-check your bags in Houston.


    Hi. I'm on the same flight. It's AA operated by British Airways. Is the re-check immediately after customs? Does the 1hr 50 sound enough time to clear immigration etc? Thanks


    Yes, the re-check is right after customs. Yes, it is barely enough time.


  • International to Domestic
    Mar 19, 2016
    I am planning to fly to Auckland (Air New Zealand) > Houston > New York (United Airlines). My itinerary has 3 hours of transit/layover time between arriving in Houston and departing for New York. Is this enough time to clear immigration (on a new immigrant visa), customs, commute to another terminal and re-check in baggage?


    Yes, that should be enough time. If your bags are tagged through to New York then you can re-check your bags at the re-check desk just after clearing customs.


    Great, thanks.


  • Boise to Cancun via IAH
    Mar 17, 2016
    Our flights have been changed to where we only have 50minutes to get to our connecting flight. We arrive in B and will leave from E. Will we make it? What's the fastest way?


    Yes, it's enough time if your flight from Boise is on-time. The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security.


  • How to expedite domestic to international transfer?
    Mar 17, 2016
    I'm flying Delta and coming to IAH catch an international flight from Terminal D. So I need to collect my baggageand then rush to D to catch my flight. My arrival by Delta at IAH is 5:35 and international departure is 7:05 PM. Would there be enough time to collect baggage and make my international flight. I need to check baggage in for international as these are two separate tickets. I'm using my mileage for domestic. All suggestions are highly appreciated.


    No, I really don't recommend trying that. I don't see how you could make the bag check cutoff for the International flight. Change your flight into Houston to an earlier flight.


  • BWI to LCH Via IAH 36 Min Connection
    Mar 16, 2016
    Hi, The best all United flights from BWI to LCH has only 36 min fo connection at IAH so even a few min delay and a long wait for terminal train could mean missing the flight. All the options to get to Lake Charles on 5/19 look poor. Anyone have good experience with that 36 min connector race to 2nd flight?


    It's possible but as you say it depends on the flight from BWI being on time or preferably early.


    It's possible but as you say it depends on the flight from BWI being on time or preferably early.


  • Transfer
    Mar 16, 2016
    My brother is currently at IAH transfering in terminal E (came from Belize, flying to Amsterdam). But no one he asks has ever heard of a Onestop Immigration and Customs line. Its apparently very busy in the only line there is. Hope he can make his connection.


    There should be signs for it. He may have already passed it.


    Yeah, those signs. I barely ever see a sign at a US airport that i understand at first sight/reading.


    He made the connecting flight. :)




    Thanks very much for quick reply! Plane has been delayed, so there was no rush after all.


  • Denver to Costa Rica thru IAH
    Mar 16, 2016
    We're flying United to IAH from Denver for a connection to Costa Rica. Just noticed that we land at IAH at 8:21AM and that's the same time boarding starts for our connection to SJO. That maybe gives us 15 minutes. Can we make this? Will our luggage?


    Yes, it's possible, early morning flights like that are usually on-time, often early and all you have to do in IAH is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


  • Domestic To International
    Mar 16, 2016
    Hi, I will be flying in to IAH from PHX at 14:48h by United. My connecting Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt is at 15:55. So that gives me 1h 7m. Is that enough time to make the connection? Will I have to go through security or customs again?


    There is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do in Houston is go from your arrival gate in Terminal C to your departure gate in Terminal D. All gates are connected inside security. You should have enough time


  • International to Domestic
    Mar 16, 2016
    Hi, im arriving from Singapore to IAH Terminal E at 1405 and departing on United (operated by express jet) at 1535 to Memphis. Will I have time ? Must I clear customs first, retrieve baggage and re-checkin ?


    There are no nonstop flights from Singapore to Houston. What airline are you flying into Houston and where are you stopping on the way from Singapore to Houston? Are all your tickets on the same reservation or is the flight to Memphis on a separate reservation.


    Hello, apologies. It's SG > Moscow > IAH. SG > IAH is on Singapore Airlines while the second ticket IAH to Memphis is a separate reservation on United Airlines. Appreciate your help ZAP


    OK, so you will arrive in Terminal D, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then take the subway train to your departure terminal (likely Terminal B), re-check your bags with United and go through security and to your departure gate. 90 minutes is really not enough time to do that.


  • Calculating connection and TSA checkpoints time
    Mar 17, 2016
    Do you have to pass TSA checkpoints if you arrive to IAH at gate C or E and depart from gate B?


    No, you do not, the skyway train connects all terminals inside security.




  • Transiting Houston from London on way to Guatemala
    Mar 16, 2016
    I just noticed the connections for journey booked through an agent- landing supposed to be at 1915 in Terminal E to connect at 2125 in Terminal C- All United Airlines- will I have to pick up my luggage as well as getting through security? The time seems adequate but any delay in landing, or security allied to needing to wait to identify and carry luggage would make it all very problematic- as I am no longer able to run from terminal to terminal! Will the luggage be checked through?


    Both flights are in Terminal E. Since you are on an International to International connection you do not have to claim your bags and can use the Onestop Immigration and Customs line in Houston. You should have enough time.


    you have to go through immigration and customs and recheck your bags .If this is your first stop in the US , you have to claim luggage and recheck it.


    Ignore Sam, he is apparently not aware of Onestop for International to International transfers on United through Houston.


    Thanks- to all of you- BUT @ ZAM- I thought onestop only works if you have hand luggage only?


    At Houston if you are traveling International to International on United, even if you have checked baggage, you can use Onestop. https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/airport/expedited_programs.aspx


  • Tight connection SFO-IAH-PBC
    Mar 18, 2016
    Hi, I'm arriving from SFO at 16:47 and next flight leaves for PBC at 17:35. All by United. Is it possible to make it? Any tips or suggestions?


    It's barely possible if the flight from SFO Is on-time. You will have to take the Skyway train from Terminal C or E where you arrive to Terminal B where you depart.


    Thank you!


    Flying in from Austin to IAH with only 41 min. to change planes to LONDIN HEATHROW. Will that be enough time to transfer luggage. Will I be changing terminals?


  • Connecting in IAH with different airlines
    Mar 15, 2016
    Hello! I am arriving to IAH to Terminal E and need to catch a second flight (Separate airline/ticket) in Terminal B. After collecting my bags (assume in terminal E), where do I need to go to check-in for my second flight? would that also be Terminal B (from where I'll depart) or is there a common area/terminal for the check-in (flying with United). thanks! Asenet


    Only United uses both Terminal E and Terminal B. What airlines are you flying? Are your tickets on the same reservation or two separate ones?


    Arriving with Emirates (terminal e), then United (terminal b). Two separate reservations. Thanks!!


    You will arrive in Terminal D, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then take the subway train to Terminal B, check your bags with United, and go through security and to your departure gate.


    there will be a United counter just past customs . Just recheck your bag there and then exit . once in the arrivals terminal;, go downstairs to the inter terminal train to your connecting terminal


    You cannot use that counter unless your bags are tagged to your final destination. Sam, please stop giving bad advice.


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