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  • 1 hour enough time
    Jan 27, 2014
    Flying from Vancouver to Pittsburgh with a one hour layover in Houston. Is that enough time and will I have to clear U.S. customs?


    You will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Vancouver. All you will have to do in Houston is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. If they are in different terminals, the TerminaLink train connects all terminals inside security.


  • Connection IAH/SAN
    Jan 27, 2014
    I will arrive in IAH at 5:20 AM from GIG, and taking flight to SAN at 7:10. Both United flights. Will I have enough time to pass security and customs?


    Sorry! Connection in IAH is to SFO, and not SAN!


    Yes, you will go through US Immigration, claim your baggage, go through US customs, and then re-check your baggage in Houston Terminal E. You will then go up to the departure level and through security and to your gate, which will likely be in Terminal C, which is connected to E.


  • 39 Minute Connection Time??
    Jan 26, 2014
    I have a 39 minute connection time at IAH on my United flight from Mobile, Alabama to Panama City, Panama. Should I be worried about myself or my bags not making this flight?


    It's pretty tight. You will arrive in Terminal A or B and will have to take the TerminaLink Train (which runs inside security) to Terminal E. You will have enough time if your first flight is on-time but you'll have to hurry.


  • Enough time?
    Jan 25, 2014
    Any help? Im Arriving from XNA (Arkansas) at 8:02 need to connect with Flight 1169 at Gate E8 boarding at 8:03, departs 8:48 Can I make this?


    Yes, but there is not much room for delays. You will arrive in Terminal A or B and will have to take the TerminaLink Train to Terminal E. However, if you are on United 1169 from IAH to LAX, that flight usually leaves from Terminal C, not Terminal E. However, the procedure is the same, except that you take the TerminaLink to C, not E.


  • enough time?
    Jan 21, 2014
    I am flying in from Midland flight 4186 29 Jan is scheduled to arrive at 8:43 a B gate.... my flight 201 for Guam leaves at 9:20 gate E4 enough time/


    Yes, that should be enough time if your first flight is on-time. You just have to take the TerminaLink train which runs inside security from B to E. Also note that UA201 goes to Honolulu first before continuing on to Guam.


    Jan 21, 2014
    Can anybody help us with information regarding a connection from Managua to Toronto through Houston? Will we need to reclaim and recheck our bags, pass customs/security, etc? We aside in terminal e and depart in terminal a


    Yes, you will have to claim your bags after clearing Immigration, then clear customs, then re-check your bags. You can then take the Inter-Terminal train to Terminal A and go through security (I'm assuming your flight to YYZ is on Air Canada, is that correct?).


    Yes, correct. We have an hour and 5 minutes to make it. Do we stand a chance? Is there anything we can do to speed up the process? Rush baggage...anything? Appreciate the help very much


    That will be pretty hard and I believe that is less than the minimum connection time for International->International at IAH. You should not have been allowed to purchase that ticket. Did you buy it from Air Canada or United?


    It was purchased through and the flight numbers and tickets are through air Canada.


    United lists a minimum connection time of 90 minutes for all International connections. You could call Expedia and tell them about this and ask them to change you to a different flight. Or you could just try the connection (it is possible, just difficult) and if you don't make it, just be prepared that you may be stuck in Houston for awhile until Air Canada or United can rebook you. Expedia really shouldn't have sold you that ticket.


  • 34 minutes enough?
    Jan 21, 2014
    Just had my flight plans changed by United. Flying from Newark to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) with a lay-over in Houston of 34 minutes. United says this is enough time but is this realistic?


    It's possible. You will likely arrive in Terminal C and depart from Terminal E which are connected directly and all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. But it doesn't leave much time for any delays.


  • From GRU/Brazil to Tampa with connection in IAH
    Jan 19, 2014
    My flight United 978 from Brazil arrives at 5:45 in IAH and my connection to Tampa is at 7:17 . Please inform if 1.5 hours is enough for me to catch the plane to Tampa. Thanks


    Yes, it should be enough time. You will arrive in Terminal E, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through Customs, then re-check your bags, then go to the departure level, go through security and then to your departure gate in Terminal C. That should be enough time.


  • Connection flight
    Jan 19, 2014
    Hello, could someone pls inform if it is possible to make a connection within 1.5 hours? I am actually returning from Cancun via Houston back to Europe, so do I have to check out in Houston, take my luggage and check-in again?


    Yes you have enough time. 1. International departures: (a) don't need luggage check-in procedure; (b) United at Terminal E, all others at Terminal D. 2. Transfer: above-ground TerminaLink train, which starts its service at the Terminal A station, connects terminals A, B, C, D/E inside security (allow for 30 mins transfer from A to D)


    Thanks Sujan, but are u sure? I will be treavelling first from Europe to NY, then from NY to Cancun and as I wrote before, from Cancun via Houston to Europe. Somehow I am re-entering the US, so for me it makes sense that for example the luggage should be checked through but I am really not sure. Both flights will be with United and if I am not wrong, we are landing at terminal E and departure is from terminal C, so do you know by heart how the procedure will be? Thanks a lot!


    Sujan is 100% wrong. Ignore him. Your baggage will be checked through, but you will have to claim it after US Immigration and then Re-check it after clearing US customs. You will then have to go back through security. However, at least everything will be in Terminal E (all United international flights use E). 1.5 Hours is barely enough time for your transfer.


  • 1 hour connection with baby
    Jan 18, 2014
    Hi, I have a 1-hour connection at IAH arriving from Chicago (initial departure is Ottawa, Canada) before leaving for Guatemala city. I am traveling with an 8-month baby alone. Is this enough time?


    Yes, it should be anough time. All you'll have to do in IAH is go from your arrival gate (likely in Terminal C) to your departure gate in Terminal E. C and E are connected directly.


  • Connecting flight and custome
    Jan 17, 2014
    Arriving at 11:38am to IAH (from Canada) y taking the connecting fligh to Mexico at 12:46pm, is it enough time to make it? Should go trough inmigration once I arrive to Houston? Thanks


    Where in Canada are you coming from? If the airport you are coming from has pre-clearance, you will go through US Immigration at your origin. If not you will go through at IAH.


    Traveling from YYC, and in YYC there is a pre-clearance for travelling to US.


    Then all you will have to do in IAH is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate in IAH. All terminals are connected inside security by the TerminaLink train.




  • Connection time enough?
    Jan 17, 2014
    Please advice if I have a flight arriving 1605 at IAH terminal E and have connecting flight at 1735 terminal A there enough time for immigration ? Please help


    Are you flying United? Yes, that should barely be enough time if your inbound flight is on-time.


    You have plenty of time: after recheck of your bags at recheck counter proceed to the Arrivals Lobby, which has an escalator down to the Inter-Terminal Train taking you to your connecting terminal A.


  • United assure me they do not book unless enough time between flights.
    Jan 15, 2014
    United assure me that 1.5 hours between an incoming flight from Costa Rica and a domestic flight back to Cleveland is sufficient. Looking at other feedback this seems almost impossible. Has anyone done it?


    It's not impossible, but it's tough. If you do miss your connection United has a lot of flights between IAH and Cleveland that you can be rebooked on.


  • Terminal B-E
    Jan 15, 2014
    I have client flying into Houston from Toronto landing in terminal B, then flyingt to Quito from terminal E. The connection time in 57 minutes. 1. Will she have enough time? I know she will clear US customs in Toronto. 2. How do you get from Terminal B-E? Is there a train - can she be met as she is unable to walk quickly. Thanks


    Terminals B and E are connected inside security by the TerminaLink train. Yes, she will pre-clear US Immigration in Toronto. If she needs wheelchair assistance she can request it from United by calling them.


  • Connection Times
    Jan 14, 2014
    I am looking to travel on United Airlines from Tampa to Houston then take another United flight to Narita Japan. The connection time from landing in Houston to departing to Narita is one hour and 17 minutes. Is that enough time. Will I arrive and depart from Terminal E?


    You will likely arrive in C and depart from E (although there's a chance you could arrive in E). You should have enough time if your first flight is on-time as C and E are connected directly.


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