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What would be the recommended time for a connection from inbound Aeromexico flight to a outbound Emirates flight to Dubai?
I would recommend 4 hours.

i'm flying LHR to IAH and then IAH to MGA. Since both flight are with United, do you confirm that I won't have to pick-up my checked luggages and that i'll be able to use the OneStop Line? I have a 1h35 connection but with the OneStop I hope it will be fine!
Yes, you can use Onestop.
Nice! Is the OneStop's queue much more faster ?
It really depends on how many people from your flight are using it.
I will be flying in August with my husband. We have both never been on a plane as adults and are nervous. We will fly from Minnesota to IAH to connect with our flight to Mexico and will only have one hour layover. The flights are booked through a travel agency with the same airline for each flight. Will this be enough time? Do we go through security again and or have to recheck luggage?
Has anyone made it through customs and baggage with a cabin pet? I'll have my cat with me in cabin and have transited IAH numerous times internationally with 1.5hrs but never with a cat. Is it possibly or should I bet on missing my connecting flight? Thanks!
I am arriving to IAH for a connecting flight to Mexico. I am not a US Citizen. Is 55 min enough time to catch the connection. I will not have checked luggage.
Thank you
Where are you flying into Houston from?
Sometime next month, I'll be arriving from Dubai at 1545, need to clear customs/immigration and catch a connecting flight to MSY on Spirit just before 6 pm. Is this slightly under 2hr connection sufficient? Thanks!
If you had no checked bags it might be barely possible if everything goes perfectly. With checked bags you have no chance. Get a later flight to New Orleans on United.
I am arriving from Auckland into terminal D at 12.40 and departing on to Post of Spain from terminal E at 1.50 both flights are with United. Is it possible to make this connection, please
The first flight is on Air New Zealand. No, that connection is NOT possible.
i´m arriving from argentina at 5.20 am to IAH and then taking a domestic flight to Portland oregon at 9 am. the airline is UA and i have 1 reservation. do i have to get my baggage from one flight to another or the airline takes care of it? which transportation is recommended to connect terminal e to c. thank you!
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then you can go through security in E and walk to C. You have enough time.
Thanks for the explanation!
Arriving to Houston at 6:25am in terminal C and need to get to terminal E for a connecting flight. Our flight will be departing at 7:24am in terminal E. Will I have enough time to get to the gate? Do i have to go through security going from one terminal to the next?
Yes, that is enough time. No you do not have to go through security.
Arriving in Houston from Managua at UA 1423 at 11:20a.m., is it enough time to board UA 0508 to MSY at 1:10 p.m.?
That is barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
How long does it take to get from gate 17 to gate 1 in terminal A. If lucky my flight is scheduled to arrive at 3pm but my next flight departs at 3:30pm. So at 3pm the plane will start boarding. Could they call down to a gate letting them know I'm on my way?
What airlines are you flying? That should take less than 10 minutes.