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Is a 1 hour and 10 minute layover enough time for a connection? Flying United the entire trip from ICT to Houston with 1 hour and 10 minutes layover to catch a flight to Cabo. I believe we get into Terminal B and leave from Terminal E.
Yes, that is enough time. The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security.
Hello, I'm looking at a flight from LHR to DEN with connection in IAH. The layover in IAH is only 1 hour 25 minutes. Is this enough time? Also, can you tell me if I have to clear customs in IAH or DEN? Thank you!
Yes, in Houston you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. I recommend at least 2 hours.
Thanks for your reply! I have the immigration fast pass from GOES. Do you still recommend 2 hours? Or will I make it with 1.5 hours?
With Global Entry 90 minutes is possible, but still slightly risky. United does have lots of flights from Houston to Denver though.
Thank you!
Hey, I have a connection in Houston to Denever with my wife and two kids and was curious if 1 hour 20 minutes was enough time to recheck bags and get through customs?
Whee are you flying into Houston from?
We are flying from Des Moines to IAH with a 45 min. Connection to Liberia Costa Rica. If on time, is this even possible with carry-on luggage? And do we have to go through another check-in before boarding internatl?
This is is possible. You don't have to go through any checks in Houston. Just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security.
arrival/departure terminals?
You will arrive in Terminal B or C and depart from Terminal C or E (likely C).
Hullo - just wondering if an hour is enough time if arriving at IAH on American from DFW; and departing IAH on Spirit for LAX. Those are in the same terminal, yes?
With no bags checked - carry-on only
Yes, they are both in Terminal A. An hour still leaves very little time to spare.
The first flight is on United but the second flight from IAH to Toronto is listed as a United flight but operated by AIr Canada. Will my bags be check through or will we have to collect them and recheck with Air Canada and if so will we have enough time with a 2 hr layover.
Since it's a connection between two separate airlines you may have to collect your bags, regardless, you should have enough time.
likely gates for a 43 minute connection?
Yes, that's enough time if the flight from Colorado Springs is on-time.
If arriving on American from Cancun; and then departing on Spirit an hour and ten min later? I am not sure what gate American arrives...from Cancun and if that is enough time or I need to allow another hour or two?
No, that's completely impossible. You need at least 2.5 hours if you have checked bags. Also, American doesn't fly from Cancun to Houston, so please double check whatever you are looking at.
No checked bags; and it's a connecting flight to CUN through DFW...actually. Thanks!
At DFW, you'd need at least 2 hours, even without checked bags since you will have to take a shuttle bus between terminals.
I have 45 mins to get to a connecting flight from Houston tx to orlando florida will I make this flight?
Where are you flying into Houston from? What airlines are you flying?
Memphis to IAH on UA625 then we have 45 mins to get to our flight going to IAH TO MCO ON UA 67
Then all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal C. You should have enough time if your flight from Memphis is on-time.
arrive in Houston at 5:00 PM at gate b77 and depart from gate c41 at 5:35. Can we make it?