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Hi, I'm flying by EVA BR52 next Tuesday to IAH arriving at 11PM, then I have a very long stopover, about 17hrs in IAH. Departing on Wednesday 5:40PM to GDL with United. Would UA accept I drop my luggage after passing customs despite the long stop over time? Or I have to take my luggage out of the airport with me to kill time? Both flights are one ticket.
No, you will have to wait until at least the next morning to check your bags with united.
Sunday arrival on SQ52 scheduled at 1430. Wanted to take AA home at 1550 (1hour 20min). Carryon only. No Global entry. Is it workable?
That would be impossible. Even with no checked bags you realistically need at least 2 hours.
Hi Guys
Will be arriving off the new SQ service from Manchester and connecting onto a UA domestic flight to PHX. Our connection time is 3hr 15min, is that enough time? Bearing in mind we will need to clear immigration and check in at UA.
Yes, that should be just about enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I have a flight from Las Vegas to Cancun with a layover of an hour and 17 minutes in Houston is this enough time to make my connecting flight? Both flights with the same airline?
Thank you!
Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
This is my first flight with connections and I have never been to Houston. Is 2hr 23min enough time to clear customs and get to my gate? I don't have gate info yet. Arriving from Calgary and departing to Florida.
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Calgary. All you have to do in Houston is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Hi, we have a 2hr25min transit time, arriving and leaving in Terminal D, arriving from NZ and flying to Frankfurt on the same ticket, we have a mixture of NZ and UK passports but they are all EPassports. Is this enough time? I'm guessing we will need to clear passport control, pick up luggage, clear customs, and then drop luggage again.Thanks
Yes, you have to do all that, you also have to go through security afterwards. You should have enough time.
Hi There Anaka,
We are doing the same fight in December & would love to know how you found the connection time.
Hi, we're not going until Dec either, fingers crossed for both of us!
Us too; on the 9th!
My hoe is that we'll be just before the holiday rush, but from what I've read it doesn't look like it's ever an easy transit.
How did you get on? We only JUST made the flight, but our luggage didn't and part of it arrived the next day, with the stroller, portacot, and car seats arriving the following! Immigration was such a time drainer it left us very little time to actually get to the other terminal and onto the plane. Last people on a 380!
We had to run (2 adults, 4 children, with a pram) from security (where I got the third degree for having too many liquids, until I pointed out that they were the total liquids for a party of 6) to the gate; about 500m.
Houston was awful. No instructions for how to use the ESTA machines, broken signs make open immigration lines look closed & vice-versa, staff changeovers when 3 flights all arrived within minutes of each other....
We got one of our 4 bags on arrival, the others were opened & carefully wrapped delicate items just chucked back in. They didn't even bother to put them back in their padded packing cells!
I have seen that Air New Zealand has cancelled their Auckland to Houston flight though. They had received so many complaints & Houston weren't improving their service.
The Lufthansa flight wasn't too good either, with some very rude staff (but a couple of fabulous crew), rude passengers (I had to evict 2 men from our seats as we boarded. They tried to tell me I should let them use our pre-booked seats & put our 5 & 2 year olds on our knees!) & we found the plane itself to be in a poor condition.
Met some lovely families on board; perhaps you were one of them? We were in the very back section, economy class.
We will be arriving in to IAH on BA197 at 18:35. We usually connect via AA to DFW, but their last flight out is at 20:09, which we assume will be too tight of a connection. UA has a flight 21:10 flight. Would 2.5 hours be enough? We all have Global Entry. But we will have checked bags. If it's enough time, how easy is it to transfer terminals with bags? Thank so much!
With Global Entry and an evening arrival you'd have a chance. transferring terminals with bags isn't too hard, the Subway train (formerly called the Inter-Terminal Train) connects all terminals underground outside security.
Arriving from TPA at 7:45AM and departing for Birmingham at 8:45AM.. Is that enough time to make the connection. No bags to check.
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security.
I am waiting for my United flight San Jose, Costa Rica to Calgary, Alberta with a stop in Houston. This is the first time I have had to pick up and recheck my luggage as my second flight is Air Canada. I only have an hour and 20 minutes. Will I make it?? I do have a Nexus card.
I think that will be really difficult. You can't use your Nexus card when entering the US from a country other than Canada.
Canadian Citizen, arriving into Houston from Buenos Aires then on to Calgary with 1 hour 20 minutes layover. Do I have enough time, do I need to collect bags and go through customs or will they be sent on to Canada for me?
Since you are on an International to International connection with both flights on United you don't have to collect your bags, however, you do have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. This is still a very difficult connection.