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I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis and have difficulty with walking meaning that I cannot walk quickly. I am concerned that this will make us miss our connecting flight from Texas to Orlando when in Houston Intercontinental Airport. We only have just over an hour and I worried. Would I be able to get assistance with getting from one area to the next?
If you are worried about your ability to get from gate to gate you can request wheelchair service by calling your airline.
Brother is flying in from AMS - UA21 connecting flight UA 819 to Buenos Aires.
Can I go and visit him at the aiport when he has 7 hour lay over. would he be able to meet at air port somewhere ? Is an esta visa necessary? I think he may already have to go thru customs anyway upon arrival?
Yes, upon arrival he will have to go through US Immigration and Customs (and have to apply for ESTA before his trip). After he clears customs you can meet him as he will be outside security. He should head back through security 90 minutes before his flight to Buenos Aires.
Will be travelling through IAH this winter with my small dog. I want to know if he needs to be in his carrier the entire time we are in the terminal, or is he allowed to walk around on his leash?
Most airports don't care about dogs being on-leash out of their carriers.
Southwest lists it uses the Central Terminal for domestic flights. Airport map does not show a Central Terminal. Can you make a connecting Southwest flight in 40 minutes?
Southwest does not fly to Houston-Bush Intercontinental. They fly to Houston Hobby. You have enough time.
My Grand-daughter is flying from Harlingen, TX on United Airlines Flight 4446 on Sunday Oct 1, She has a 38 min lay-over to change planes leaving for Charlotte, NC. How difficult is it to get from the arrival terminal for this airline to the departure terminal? Does she have to walk a long ways? She just turned 18, and has never flown alone.
There's not that much walking since a train connects all terminals inside security.
How do you get to League City Texas from George Bush International Airport
Driving, a taxi, or a pre-arranged shuttle are the only ways to get there.
I am looking for a public bus transportation that goes to Schulenburg,Texas, from IAH.
There's a Greyhound station in Schulenburg, but you'll have to go to downtown Houston to get that bus. Otherwise your only option is to drive.
We will be flying in on United (domestic), Terminal B I believe and will need to get to the KLM (international) gates, Terminal D from what I understand. 1. Will I have to pick up my luggage from United and then recheck with KLM and go through security again. 2. Will have wheel chair assistance, but will they be able to get me from point a to point b?
Hi Just wondering what visas I need to fly from Managua transit Houston intercontinental airport then on to Auckland New Zealand and any other helpful tips like do I need to clear customs when I get to Houston etc
Thank you
My wife will arrive on Terminal D at the end of july with my 4 years old daughter and 6 months baby boy.
I am looking for BAGGAGE HANDLING SERVICE. just help her in collecting the luggage and take them until I meet them on the waiting arrivals area.
somebody mention to me, that she can hire some body for that at the baggage claim area
anybody know if that's true?How much it will cost?