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  • Interline Baggage Question
    Jul 28, 2014
    My daughter flew in from GIG (Rio) on United. She then is on a codeshare UA/AC flight to YYC (Calgary). Her bag was tagged all the way to Calgary (YYC). My question is whether she would have had to collect her bag after customs and the put it on a transfer case OR whether it should have been checked all the way through to Calgary? She was told two separate things by two different UA/AC people in Houston this morning. She looked for her bag on the carousel and didn't see it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Singlepoint


    She should have had to claim her bag to go through US Customs. You can call the bag tracking office to see if the bag was for some reason transferred directly to her Calgary flight or if it's still sitting in Houston somewhere.


  • overlay baggage claim
    Jul 27, 2014
    I have 6 hrs overlay over Atlanta (ATL), do i have to claim my baggage and check in again at ATL for next flight out? Thanks again!


    The answer is NO.


    Actually, it depends whether your flight into Atlanta is domestic or international. If domestic and both flights are on the same airline or alliance then no, if international, yes, you will have to claim your bags to go through US Customs then immediately re-check them.


  • Check in
    Jul 27, 2014
    We have a flight tomorrow UA3797 to Atlanta, which terminal do we need to go to check in? Thanks.


    1. At IAH, United Airlines is the only airline at present using multiple terminals: TA, TB, TC, and TE for international arrivals & departures. 2. Your flight number was not listed today. Therefore, open tomorrow http://www.fly2houston.com/iah/about - in the Flight Search (top left) click on airlines and add United; then click on Cities & add Atlanta, and add your flight number, then hit "Search".


    That flight uses Terminal C. But for future reference for any United flight you can check-in at any terminal except D.


  • travel
    Jul 16, 2014


    your flight from EWR will arrive in Terminal C and your flight to Aspen will depart from Terminal B or C. If you need to go to Terminal B, the TerminaLink train connects all terminals inside security.


  • Terminal
    Jul 14, 2014
    My group is meeting at Terminal C before going to check-in...so where do I go? Can I get to the terminal without my ticket?


    You can meet in the check-in area of Terminal C. You don't need any documentation to enter the check-in area.


  • Elderley Travelers
    Jul 12, 2014
    My parents are arriving at terminal D and have an overnight layover, staying at the airport Marriott. Would it be easier for them to take a taxi to the hotel as compared to the train as walking distances is difficult?


    'Airport Marriott Hotel' is located in the center of the Airport terminal complex (tel. 281-443-2310 or 800-228-9290), linking the airside of the terminals to the hotel's dining & conference rooms. The hotel also provides free underground train service.


  • lost ipad on june 27 @ terminal E
    Jul 7, 2014


    For items lost inside IAH Airport, contact the Lost & Found department at at 281 230-3299, or email iahlost@houstontx.gov


  • connecting flight
    Jun 15, 2014
    I am flying in to IAH from Tokyo and have to catch a domestic flight. The Layover is 1 hour 50 mins. Is this enough time to catch my connecting flight? I am an active duty service member so that speeds things up a little but im still not sure that this will be enough time to check through immagration, customes, and recheck my baggage.


  • Enough time?
    May 24, 2014
    I am travelling from IST-IAH, and need to book a flight from IAH to dallas. Is 1 hr 45min enough time to clear customs, get luggage, check-in for my new flight and get to the boarding gate? If not, my other option (which is more expensive, so I'm trying to avoid it) gives me 2 hs 15mins. Is that enough time to clear customs, get luggage, check-in, etc...?? I don't know if it helps, but I will be travelling business on turkish airlines, so maybe there is a special line through customs for business class passengers? Also, i'm an american citizen, so maybe that will speed things along too. Thanks for the help!!!


    While you arrive with Turkish at Terminal D (TD) under today's departure listings United flies from IAH to DAL (that's the domestic Dallas terminal close to the city) - no listing for DFW - the internat'l Airport. If you buy a United Airline ticket (both Turkish & United are Star Alliance members) your bags should be automatically transferred after customs clearance & baggage re-check. Can't tell you which Concourse your connection will be (United is the only one using all Terminals, other than TD). For Arrivals procedure & transfers I suggest you open www.ifly.com/iah then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text.


  • lost and found US AIrways
    May 8, 2014
    forgot my e reader las night in a US airways plane. besides the website , is there any ideas to help recover my device please


  • Elderly Mother Arriving at International Terminal
    May 27, 2014
    My mother is arriving from over seas. She is wheel chair bound. She is going to have 2 large bags with her. Is there any way that I can get into the international baggage claim area to help her with the luggage. If not, how can I get her help.


    No, you cannot. If she has wheelchair service they should assist with her bags until she exits customs.


    elderly father is arriving from Louisiana on united airlines where can I pick him up?


  • Layover time
    Apr 10, 2014
    Hi. I am wanting to book a flight with United from Austin to London Heathrow (domestic - international) via Houston on a Friday night. Is 1 hour enough time for a layover if the flight is on time? WIll I need to change tereminals?


    At IAH, United uses Terminals A, B, C & E - reached by the above-ground TerminaLink train inside security - you have enough time for transfer.


    You will likely arrive in Terminal B or C and depart from Terminal E.


  • how early should I leave airport Marriott for flight to Guatemala
    Apr 3, 2014
    I will arrive at IAH on United from Denver around 1:30am and don't need to catch my next flight on United to Guatemala City until 9:30am. I am planning to spend the night at the airport Marriott but am wondering what time I should leave the hotel in order to have enough time to go back through security and get to my terminal and catch the 9:30 flight. Thanks.


    I would leave at about 8:30 if you are able to check in online and 8 if you are not.


    Mar 16, 2014
    Am flying DB7342 from Harlington and NEED ASSISTANCE at IAH to connect to my flight to Chicago. Only have 30 minutes to make it and an electric cart.


    You need to contact United (the operating carrier) and request wheelchair assistance.


  • UA1700 and connect to UA1
    Feb 11, 2014
    I am planning to book my flight to Tokyo JP from Philadelphia with United, the layover time in IAH is only 1 hour 5 mins. United website didn't show the in&out terminals. Will I have enough time for the connection?


    That should be enough time if your first flight is on-time. You will likely arrive in Terminal C and depart from Terminal E, which are directly connected.


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