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what is the wait time to get through security check point? Flying to Puerto Rico @ 10:15 am
If you get to the terminal at 8:15 you should be fine.
How early should we arrive to check in and go through security for a 6pm flight on a Wednesday.
4 PM should be fine.
I'll be travelling to Cancun from Dublin booking made via united. I have queries regarding US Clearance & Connecting Flights.

Upon arriving in Texas I will have to do the pre-clearance (ESTA obtained) and then subsequently fly to Cancun.

My question is are customs involved in pre-clearance of connecting flights? Connect time in Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental) is 2 hr 5 mn. I'm just concerned if I could miss my flight if the queue was big, etc?

Any assistance/guidance provided would be greatly appreciated
There is no pre-clearance in London so in Houston you will go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. You should not have to claim your bags. You should have enough time. If you miss your connection you will be put on the next available flight to Cancun.
My husband and I are flying british airways from Heathrow to IAH a 1 hour 36 minute layover in IAH. Then flying United Airlines out of IAH to MEM.
We have no checked baggage.
Will 1hr 36 min be enough time to go through customs, immigration and security?
With no checked baggage you have a chance if you check in for your United flight online before you leave London.
We have a flight to Canada that leaves from Terminal B. It is normal to check in for international flights in Terminal E but, with our flight leaving from terminal B can we check in at Terminal B or do we have to do Terminal E and then take the train to Terminal B??
Yes, most international United Express flights depart from B. You can check in in Terminal B.
Hi There,

My wife and two toddlers will be flying through IAH to New Zealand. I booked this on seperate tickets so she is going to have to pick up the luggage (2-3 suitcases and 2 car seats and a double stroller, and then recheck in with Air New Zealand. Is there any way she can get help with the bags etc?? I know there are wheel chairs etc, however she will need someone to help with the bags as she will push the stroller. Is there anyone there for this?? Any ideas??
Greetings. My wife and I are planning on traveling through Houston this fall. She can walk, but an artificial knee slows her down. The connection, if the flights are on time, is 50 minutes. Both flights are on United.

Never been to this airport before.

Is that enough time? Is there assistance for handicapped available to speed the process? Would we have to go through security again?
She can request wheelchair assistance by calling United. You will not have to go through security again in Houston assuming your first flight is domestic.
Thanks. I am concerned about the time. IS 50 minutes enough for a slower person like this?
Yes, it should be as long as the first flight is on-time.
Hi! I have never flown before and I have a flight coming out of IAH to HNL in Hawaii. I am clueless as to the airport process. What do I do/Where do I go upon arrival? Thanks!
Print out your boarding pass at home or get it using the United App on your phone. Then when you get to the airport, if you have a bag to check you go to the bag check counter for United in Terminal C. You will have to pay for it with a credit card (you can pay ahead of time online). You will then take your boarding pass (either paper or phone) and your ID (a drivers license is fine) to the security line, go through security, and then follow signs to your departure gate.
I flew in from Austin (United) and the connection to SLC I was supposed to make left without me. Then, the last flight of the day to SLC got canceled. I am giving up on my trip and going back to Austin. I was told tonight that they did not have enough personnel to pull checked bags. How can I prevent my bag from going to SLC and get it back to Austin?
I will be arriving Houston at 9:35 AM , 6/6 at Terminal B connecting to a 12 noon flight leaving from Terminal C. Will I have to go through security again? Is 2-1/2 hrs. enough time to make it?
No, you will not have to go through security. the Skyway train connects all terminals inside security. You have plenty of time.