Grand Canyon National Park GCN Airport Overview

Grand Canyon National Park Airport GCN is owned & operated by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), and is Arizona's third-busiest airport. 

The Airport is located in Tusayan, which is a CDP in the unincorporated County of Coconino -  2 miles from the Park entrance, or seven miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. 

While the Airport offers commercial flights, at present it is primarily used for scenic tours & charter flights. However, the yearly passenger count (enplanement & deplanement) amounts to approximately 550,000 passengers, and the Airport averages about 275 air carrier operations a day - most of which are air taxi operations.
Vision Airlines is presently the only commercial airline serving the airport to/fr Las Vegas, NV.   Two other Nevada flights are currently available from two regional airlines:  from Boulder City the Grand Canyon, and from Henderson the Maverick airlines.

While the terminal is old and plans for a new terminal have been scraped due to lenghty requirements for environmental assessment - it was decided to give the old terminal a 'minor upgrade' instead.

For more more information, please call the Airport Management at 928.638.2446.

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