Parking Options at Greenville Spartanburg Airport

Getting to the parking facilities: By turning right at the first stop sign after taking Exit 57 off Interstate 85, you can access long-term parking (on GSP Drive, right), or continue driving to the entrance of either Parking Garage B or the short-term lot; or turn south opposite the terminal's center to the get to the new entry of Garage A.

To pick up a passenger at the Airport 
you may want to use the free Cell Phone Lot, located southwest of Parking Garage A.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb.

NOTE: The new Rental Car Customer Center is in Parking Garage A.

Other Parking options & fees at Greenville-Spartansurg Airport:  
    Parking Garages A & B are in front of the Terminal, divided by the fountain (Sky Lot A is on level 5 of Parking Garage A). 
Fees: Each hour $1, up to daily max $12; weekly max $84;  however,  Level 5's SkyLots charge a daily max of $6 & weekly max $42.
    Daily parking lot is next to the Parking Garage B.
Fees: each hour $1, up to daily max $8; weely max $56.
    Long-Term Economy Lot, opposite of the street from the Daily Parking Lot, with 1,097 parking spaces.
Fees: daily $4; weekly max $28.

For more information call ABM at 864-662-4300.

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