GUM Airport - Guam Won Pat Airport ( Hagatna, Mariana Islands , Guam )



Guam Won Pat International Airport GUM, serves the U.S. Territory of Guam, situated on Guam Island, southwest of the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  It has been ranked by the US Office of Travel & Tourism as being 5th for International Arrivals among the top US Airports.  In January 2016 the Airport celebrated its 40th anniversary.

GUM Airport is located three miles east of the capital city of Hagatna, and is situated in the heart of Guam's business district. Its close proximity to Asia places the island in a unique role as being an 'Asian tiger with American stripes'.

With two long runways* and an estimated 2.8 million passengers a year, Won Pat Airport is hub for both United and Asia Pacific Airlines, and regional hub for Micronesia.  It is served by a number of airlines offering flights to the United States, to Asia, Australia and to various Pacific islands. 
* Runway 6L/24R  has been extended from 10,000 to 12,000 feet.

A.B. Won Pat Airport has one passenger terminal. 

Present & Future airport developments:  A  new baggage handling system (BHS) is to be, in place soon.
In October 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration awarded Guam Airport five separate grants - intended to fund the following five projects:

 -  As a first priority, it is to modify the original design of the terminal's 'sterile' Arrivals Corridor, in order to enhance passenger flow, and is to result in the construction of a third-level corridor for arriving passengers (separating them from departing passengers in the current concourse area).
 - The aircraft rescue & fire fighting (ARFF) building is to be replaced.
 - Design work to renovate apron & ramp areas.
 - Airport safety management system (SMS) involving manual and implementation.
 - Annual wildlife hazard assessment (required to control wildlife hazards posing risk to aircraft operations).

355 Chalan Pasaheru, Route 10A
Hagatna, Mariana Islands, 96931
Phone: (671) 646 0300