Guam Won Pat GUM Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Guam Won Pat GUM Airport

A.B. Won Pat Airport has one passenger terminal with 3 levels:

The Arrivals Level (Basement level)
houses the customs offices, a tour group lobby, rental car booths, and Visior Information, with Customs inspection and 5 baggage carousels.
The Departures Level (Apron level) houses ticket counters in both East & West Wing lobbies, a Meeter /Greeter area, a cafe & airline & GIAA offices.  In the center are the escalators to the Concourse levels East & West
The Concourse level is divided into 2 Concourses:  West with gates 4 - 8, housing a food court -  and East with gates 9 - 21 (remote gate 11 is on the pron level), housing the President's Club between gates 10-12, food court, and duty-free shop.  Between gates 8 & 9 is access level 3.
Level 3 houses duty-free shops, food courts, security checkpoints, food court, GIAA Administrative offices, INS offices, Immigration and escalators to baggage claim & customs areas.

Other amenities in the passenger terminal include ATM machines, banking, foreign exchange, international restaurants and shops, tour group counters, rental car agencies, and Airport Ambassors who will extend their friendly Chamorro hospitality and answer our questions.  Also, outside the arrivals area, in the West Arrival wing, is the Airport Information Center, handling inquiries regarding Customs, Immigration & Military asistance, which can also be reached at 642-INFO.

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