Parking Options at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Parking options at Baiyun Airport: At present the Airport has four parkiing facilities with a total of 5,700 parking spaces, including spaces for persons with disabilities.  (Note: a multi-level garage is under construction to serve the upcoming new Terminal 2, to be copleted in 2016.)
1. Across from the passenger Terminal is a multi-level Garage.
2. To the west of the Terminal are VIP Parking Lots 4 (north) & 2 (South; to the east of the Terminal are VIP Parking Lots 3 (north) & 1 (south).
3. To the South of the Terminal (with access to its first level) is the Southern Temporary Parking Lot. 
4. North of the Terminal, surrounding the Air Traffic Tower, is the Northern Temporary Parking Lot. 

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