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I'm planning to fly from ATL to PHX and want to leave my vehicle in an onsite parking lot so I can walk from the car to the terminal. It will be there from Friday evening to the following Friday evening. In a forum post someone said they always park in the North daily parking area. I don't care about it being covered and just want the cheapest place with the best chance of finding a parking spot. I'll be parking it on a Friday evening probably around 8:30 pm. In a satellite view of the area the West economy parking had the most open parking spots. Can anyone share their opinions about which parking area would be cheapest and most likely to have open spots? North, West, South all would be fine. I'm flying Delta but don't care about walking a few exta yards if the Delta area is on the other side of the building from where I park. Also can anyone explain the difference between the daily parking and the economy parking?

Thank you for any help!
Where to park if I'm flying domestic frontier
Where is the most convenient place to park when taking an International flight with Air Canada? One of the travelers has a bad knee and cannot walk quickly. Thank you.
Does anyone know if the parking lots at the airport are dry ? Any flooding ?

Thank you !
Not sure what concourse to go to and how short term parking for arrivals works. Thanks for any help you can give me.
You can't meet him at a Concourse. If he is arriving on a domestic flight you meet him at the Domestic S Terminal and if he is arriving on an International flight you meet him at the International Terminal.
Can you park in Donestic parking and still check your bags and fly internationally
Yes, but you have to take a shuttle bus to International first if your first flight is International.
Most convenient and best value parking for international flights --10 days
Which parking area should I use for overnight parking for 4 days and flying on Spirit airlines.
Any long-term lot on the domestic (I-85) side and take the shuttle to the domestic terminal.
Which lot should we park in if flying Frontier Airlines. Need long-term parking.
Any long-term lot on the domestic (I-85) side and take the shuttle to the domestic terminal.
Thanks for the info.
On our last trip we parked in economy at the airport and the only place we could find was at the very end of the lot and the farthest away from the terminal.... long walk. When we returned and was headed to out car with luggage in tow, a man driving the airport services van stopped and offered us a ride to our car. This was great! When we go to the car helped me get our luggage in out car and as he was finishing up, he said that we might check for ants. He said that many cars that park against the fence and bushes get ants as they tend to congregate there... he was right. We had ants all in the door panels, carpet, dash, and seats. He helped us clean them out, but they kept coming... he said to follow him to the exit gate, but not to leave. When we got to the gate, he went inside and came back with ant spay. He killed all the ants and cleaned our car. He went way beyond helping us. This guys name is Dan Raines... just wanted to give him some more praise... GREAT person. Hope you never have issues like this, but of you do, hope he's around to help.