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I'm arriving at ATL from DAL 8/30/17 DL84. Will I make my connection for DL1465 at 10:24?
What is the quickest way to get to an international Delta flight coming on on Concourse E to a domestic Southwest flight leaving on Concourse C? We can't carry all of our bags and also have a disabled child in a wheelchair.
Sorry, mistake. International flight is coming into ATL, domestic flight is departing.
Coming into ATL from UK Manchester on Virgin Atlantic, connecting to domestic fight Delta to Salt Lake City, have 2 hours 4 minutes is this enough time? "ZAP" seems to know everything! Thanks.
My daughters and I have a Delta flight from Germany arriving in ATL on Tuesday night and connecting onto Washington DC (also a Delta flight). I am so confused reading all this. Will my daughters and I have to pick up our luggage and go through customs? We have 2 hours, which I thought was enough time, but now reading some of these posts I am not sure!
My wife and I have a connection arriving from Augusta GA (AUG) with 36 min layover before heading to Boston. Both flights are Delta, will 36 mins be enough time to make the connection?
Hi, i fly into ATL by DL335 and have a connection by DL 82 to paris, do i need to take out and recheck luggage? i will have 2hrs 26min is that enough?
i had a similar transit thru ATL 2 years back and Delta had checked my bags thru.
Are you coming from Mexico City? If so yes, your bags should automatically transferred but you will have to go through US Immigration, customs, and security. you should have enough time.
yes I will be coming from mexico city, so I don't need to take out my baggage. thanks
We are scheduled for a direct flight on Sunday from ATL to GGT. Do we leave from the international terminal or domestic?
You go to the international terminal.
I am traveling Delta airline form Cleveland with a connection in ATL I have about a hour between my flight arriving in ATL and my flight leaving ATL for PUJ. WIll I have to go through security again in ATL and will I have to have my bags checked again or will they transfer to my other plane.
You don't have to go through security again or do anything with your bags in Atlanta on your way to Punta Cana. Just take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to Concourse E or F where you depart. You have enough time.
Booked vaca to Ireland for family. Ticket included a layover in Atlanta of 66 minutes before going on to Dublin. Per airline, layover just reduced to 53 min. Party includes my 75 year old parents. Is this doable???
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Plane Train connects all concourses inside security.
Forgot arrival gate in my first post/......We arrive in atlanta at 8:46 am gate A3 and depart for punta cana at 9:48 from E35 that gives us an hour to get to E35...one is that enough time. Will our bags be checked all the way through....And also Concourse E is correct to fly to Punta Cana I was concerend since appears concourse F is for international travel
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