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How long does it take to get from the international terminal to delta via shuttle service?
My family of 4 (two young kiddos) will be departing GSP on Delta and arriving at ATL 50 minutes before our connecting flight to MAN on Virgin Atlantic. We made the (possibly false) assumption that they wouldn't offer this on the same ticket if it wasn't possible, but we're growing concerned. Do we need to undergo a new TSA screening at ATL? Will we need to check in again due to it not being the same company (though listed as partners)? Thank you for your assistance.
1st leg: JAX to ATL
2nd leg: ATL to CUN
Will I need to go through security at ATL before heading to my departure gate for 2nd leg of trip? I will have both boarding passes.
Im thinking of reserving flights to MTY Mexico with Delta but the 2hr and 38m time between connecting flights is worrying me, we will go through US preclearance in Dublin but I will still have to collect my bag and go through customs again in ATL (I think, though Dublin to ATL and ATL to MTY are both operated by Delta so maybe they will be transferred for me).

Does anyone have any experience with this route? Or can you offer me any advice as to whether the 2.5 hour layover is sufficent for making my second flight?
You will not have to claim your bags in Atlanta on the way to Monterrey. 2.5 hours is plenty of time.
Cheers Zap, you are an absolute legend.
We have a 50 min. connection window, arriving on a Sunday morning. Will we be able to make our connection?
A is a concourse not a terminal. If both flights are on the same reservation then all you have to do is take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to your departure concourse. You have enough time.
I'm flying in from jamacia with about a 2 hr layover before my flight to Little Rock. Flying delta. Will that be enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I have about 3 hours to make connection. Just not sure how to go from international terminal or concourse to Delta domestic. Can I walk or must I take a train. How good are signs in ATL?
You will arrive in E or F, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and then take the Plane Train to your departure concourse. You have enough time.
I am coming from Columbus, Ohio to Atlanta then onto Jacksonville, Fl. A friend will be coming from Raleigh, NC to Atlanta and we meet in Atlanta and onto Jacksonville, Fl. She has never flew on any airline before, and I need to get to her and we go onto our terminal in Atlanta to catch the connecting flight to Jacksonville. We are both flying Southwest. My questions will be on the opposite ends of the airport when we land in Atlanta? (ex. will I have to catch the train to concourse C and pick her up then go to another concourse location?)
All Southwest flights are located near each other in Atlanta.
I'm flying from Pittsburgh to Mexico City and returning. Here're my questions
1) the connection in ATL on the outbound is only 45 mins. I flying w 3 little kids (2 on a stroller). Is that enough time to make it?
2) on the way back it's only 1hr 15 layover. Same question, would I make it? In this case I have to go through costumes.

All these flights are w Delta

I'm arriving from Mexico with 3 kids going home to Pittsburgh. The layover is only 1hr 15 mins, would that be enough? We're all citizens so hoping the line is a bit shorter but you never know.

On the outbound, we only have 45 mins - is that enough to make it?

Can't find the arrival/departure concourse on my reservation. Can you help?
You won't know the concourse for the Pittsburgh flight until the day of your flight. The Mexico flight will probably be concourse E. You have enough time on the way to Mexico. On the way back it will be pretty difficult, bordering on impossible.