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Hi, my daughter arrives on a Virgin Atlantic flight from the Uk at 3pm then flies out to Hawaii at 10am the next day on Delta. Can she recheck her luggage after immigration in Atlanta or does she do it the next day?
She has to re-check her bags the next day.
we flying Delta to ATL then connecting to Virgin Air. how long will it take and can I walk the distance it takes.
You will take the Plane Train between your arrival concourse and your departure concourse. As long as you have more than 45 minutes it is doable if the first flight is domestic.
We are travelling from UK via Amsterdam with KLM into ATL on Aug 20 then transferring to Delta onwards to MCO. Will we have to collect luggage at ATL or will it go on through even tho this is first point of entry please?
Yes, in Atlanta you will have to claim your bags to take them through US Customs, then you can immediately re-check them before proceeding through security and to your departure gate.
Have a short layover to catch flight to amsterdam - would like to know departing gate.
Check Delta.com tomorrrow.
We will be flying into Atlanta from Austin on Frontier Airlines. We have a 2 hour layover, then will be flying from Atlanta to Providence on Delta Airlines. Will we be required to go out of the passenger area to recheck into Delta and go back through security again? Would things be any different if we only have carry-on bags rather than checking bags?
If you have checked bags you will have to claim them from Frontier in the North baggage claim, carry them to South check-in to check with Delta, and go through security and to your departure gate. With carry-ons only if you check in online for your Delta flight you just have to go to your departure gate on the Plane Train.
I have 2hr 15min layover time in ATL, arriving from Narita. I need to go to South Terminal to connect to Austin.
Where to catch the plane train in the arrival terminal to go to South Terminal? Do I re-check in my luggages in South Terminal?
You will re-check your bags at the re-check desk right after you clear US Customs (assuming both flights are on Delta). then you go through security and take the Plane Train directly to your departure concourse. You don't actually have to go to the south terminal.
Yes, both flights are on Delta. Arriving ATL using DL296 at 16:15 from Narita and leaving ATL to Austin at 18:34 DL109, this Sunday 6 August.

Does departure concourse mean departure gate?

If I don't actually have to go to South terminal, does that mean I will already have my boarding pass for my ATL-Austin flight from the beginning of my international flight? My whole flight route is Singapore-Narita-Atlanta-Austin. So I don't need to pick up my ATL-Austin boarding pass in ATL?

Appreciate your help.
Concourse is a fancy word for "hallway". Say your departure gate in B15, that means you depart from concourse B and will take the Plane Train to concourse B. Yes, you will be issued all three boarding passes in Singapore.
I have 46 minutes to get from the arrival gate at ATL to the departure gate for my flight to bermuda. Will I have to go through customs when I reach ATL in order to fly to Bermuda? Is 46 minutes enough layover time?
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate on the Plane Train. You have enough time if the flight from Nashville is on-time.
I plan to take Delta Airlines single ticket from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Los Angeles via Atlanta (first time). I hold a valid multiple entry B1/B2 visa to the USA. The connection in Atlanta is 1hr and 50 mins (evening time 6:30pm). Is this enough time to make my connection and what process do I need to go through at Atlanta?
That is enough time if everything goes smoothly. In Atlanta, you will go through US immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate on the Plane Train.
Hello, We are coming from jacksonville airport with an connecting flight to amsterdam. Does we have to need to reclaim our luggage and does we have to go to security another time?
There is no US Immigration or customs when leaving the US. If both flights are on Delta all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate on the Plane Train.
Hey Guys,

Hoping someone can help, we've traveled loads but all of our connecting flights have always been done in Europe or we've had domestic us connections in the us however, we have a connection from Jamaica to Dusseldorf of 1.56hr...so international to international ... i've checked the flights which are landing and leaving today one arrives in E6 and the other departs from E8 (perhaps vise versa) how does this work ? i assume its not as simple as getting off of the plane at one and going directly to the other. Hoping someone can advise :)
You will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. You should not have to claim and re-check your bags. If you are EU residents you'll need to complete ESTA.
Based on my experience yesterday - 1 hour 50 minutes just in the line for passport control - I would say 2.5 hours minimum. There are lots of desks for rebooking flights, so I think it must be really common. Passport control is very inefficient and disorganized. Very few desks open.