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  • Connections
    May 16, 2016
    Are flights in same terminal Arriving from Charlotte and leaving for Johannesburg.....concerned about the distance I may have to go between flights.


    Delta uses gates in every concourse, but every concourse is connected inside security at the middle by the Plane Train.


  • Arrive on Delta connecting on Anerican
    May 16, 2016
    I arrive in ATL at 3:06 on a delta flight, I purchased a separate ticket ATL to DFW on American, how difficult is it to get from the delta terminal to American, I have 1 hour and no luggage.


    You don't actually have to change terminals. You just have to go from your arrival concourse to concourse T where your American flight will depart as long as your Delta flight is domestic. You have enough time.


    May 11, 2016
    Hi. I will be flying in from Portland and habe 75mins to connect my flight to Duesseldorf (Germany) Will i have enough time for the connection?


    Yes, that's enough time. All you have to do in Atlanta is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Plane Train connects all concourses inside security.


  • First flight out 5:45 am TSA wait
    May 10, 2016
    I have a mid-week 5:45 am flight to NYC and heard on news that TSA wants you in line 3 hours ahead of flight due to long lines. Does TSA open at 2:45 am in Atlanta? Someone told me TSA won't open until 5am. How can that be if flights leave at about 5:30 - 5:45 am and lines are being reported to very long in the morning. Someone please clarify this for me. Don't want to miss my flight. Thanks


    No, TSA does not open at 2:45. It opens at 4. Lines are long in the morning, but this is at 6-9 AM when many more flights depart. There are very few departures before 6 AM so it won't be very crowded when you show up.


  • MOB - JFK connection in ATL
    May 9, 2016
    Hello there. Flying with Delta all the way, MOB to JFK (09Aug) is there sufficient time in 1.5hrs to make the connection in Atlanta please?


    Yes, that is plenty of time. All you have to do in Atlanta is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Plane Train connects all concourses inside security.


  • Delta ATL - SEA Non Revenue
    May 9, 2016
    HI. I have a two hour connection from ATL - SEA I am also on an employee ticket. How to go about with my connection?


    Where are you flying into Atlanta from? What airlines are you flying?


  • worrying husband
    May 8, 2016
    hi we fly from machester to atlanta and then on tours between flights, o orlando. on the way we have approx 2 hours between connections, on the way back 40 minuyes. Hubby is panicking, do we have to collect baggage off from orlando and recheck in for onward flight to manchester? and is 40 minutes going to be long enough? (with 2 small children?!) thanks


    On your way back to Manchester you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is no US Customs when exiting the US. You have enough time if your flight from Orlando is on-time.


  • ATL change iver
    May 8, 2016
    I'm flying in to Atlanta from Heathrow with checked baggage and have been given 105mins by virgin to connect with a Delta flight to Fort Myers. They assure me this will be enough time... Is this other peoples' experience?


    That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. However, if you miss your connection Delta has frequent flights from Atlanta to Ft. Myers.


    Hi Gregory. We have exactly the same flight arrangements. I'd be interested to hear how your experience was. Tom


  • Connection time
    May 7, 2016
    I will be flying in from Johannesburg and have 1.5 hours to go through customs and catch my flight to Chicago. Will I have enough time for the connection?


    That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. If you haven't booked it yet I would try for a later flight to Chicago, otherwise be prepared to be stuck in Atlanta for a bit if you miss your connection.


  • Making connections
    May 7, 2016
    I will have a 1.15 hr layover Delta. It is a domestic flight. The incoming flight will arrive at Terminal S. The connecting flight leaves from Terminal S. Are the gates fairly close at the terminal?


    You actually don't have to go to "Terminal S" at all. You just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. Delta domestic flights can be on concourses T, A, B, C, or D. The Plane Train connects them all inside security.


  • cancun to detroit
    May 18, 2016
    I am flying from cun to dtw with a layover in atl, is 90 minutes enough time to get thru customs and check back in both flights are southwest.


    It's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.


    Do I have to go thru TSA again in Atl. Do I have to switch terminals?


    Yes, you will have to go through security again in Atlanta after you clear customs. You will then take the Plane Train directly to your departure concourse. You don't have to go to the Domestic terminal.


  • Turkish Airlines to Delta Airlines
    May 4, 2016
    On June 4, I will be travelling from Istanbul, on Turkish Airlines #31, scheduled to arrive at 7:05 pm. I have to connect with Delta #993, scheduled to depart at 8:52 pm. Will I have time to retrieve my luggage, go through customs, recheck my luggage and get my boarding pass in that time frame? Would it be faster if I carried on my luggage on the Turkish Air flight versus checking it? Delta and Turkish Air do not have a reciprocal luggage agreement. Thank you.


    That is not realistically enough time with checked baggage. If you have carry-ons only and check in online for your Delta flight before leaving Istanbul, you can barely make it.


    I will have a 21 inch suitcase which is carry- on size and could check in with a mobile app fr Istanbul. I will actually be flying from Izmir to Istanbul that morning on Turkish # 2317, scheduled to arrive in Istanbul at 12:30. Flight 31 leaves Istanbul at 2:05 pm. I am assuming that I can carry-on my luggage on flight 2317. How long does it typically take to go thru customs at Atl Hartsfield?


    Immigration, customs, and security will probably take about an hour, maybe more if you're entering on a Visa.


  • Terminal S
    May 3, 2016
    Comming in from SMF where is Termial S


    Terminal S is Delta's part of the Domestic Terminal. Unless you are ending your trip in Atlanta you don't have to go there.


  • London to Asheville via Atlanta
    May 3, 2016
    I will be flying from London to Atlanta with Virgin Atlantic and need to book a connecting flight to Asheville with Delta. How much time should I allow between flights?


    If you're booking two separate reservations and you have checked bags you'll want 3 hours. Without checked bags or with it all on the same reservation, you can do 2 hours.


    May 3, 2016
    I will be taking a delta flight from San Francisco layover is ATL I have a map for delta terminals but they seem far apart. how do I get from North to south if I need to. I only have a 1 hour layover


    You don't actually have to change terminals. You just have to take the plane train from your arrival concourse to your departure concourse. You have enough time.


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