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I am considering a flight from GSP to MSP with a 37 minute layover in ATL. Is this enough time to make my MSP flight?? Seems very close, but hopefully the proximity of GVL to ATL and the short flight will reduce potential for delays....Thnks!
It's possible, but it leaves absolutely no time to spare in case of a delay.

We are travelling from cancun to atlanta and then onto London Heathrow. Flight is with Delta to ATL and then Virgin to LHR.

Arrving at ATL 17:18PM and then have a 2 hour layover until our flight to LHR.

Is this enough time to get from one flight to the other? Will we have to claim our bags and then recheck them in?

Yes, that is enough time. Yes, you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, and go through security and to your departure gate.
Have reservations with an arrival time in Atlanta 52 minutes before scheduled international departure. Same airline (Delta) and checking one bag through. True that there is a shuttle that avoids having to go through security again?
It's a train and yes, it runs inside security. All you have to do is take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to your departure concourse. You have nough time.
HI there,
I was due to have a 2hr30 connection (LHR - ATL- CHS) but Delta have schedule changed my domestic let (ATL - CHS) and now it's 1.30 exactly.
IS this enough time to clear immigration & drop bags? Flight from Heathrow lands at 3.30pm - is this a busy time of the day?

Any feedback welcome!
It is enough if everything goes perfectly. That is a busy part of the day.
Iam flying on delta from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta then onto Manchester with virgin,what happens to my bags do have to recheck them or are they automatically transferred and I only have a stop over of 1 hour 22 min is this enough time
You don't have to do anything with your bags in Atlanta on the way to Manchester. All you have to do is take the Plane Train to concourse E or F where you depart and board your flight to Manchester. You have enough time.
I am returning from Ecuador and continuing on to Detroit, all on Delta. As I understand it, I collect luggage in Atlanta, go through US customs, recheck luggage, then go out to concourses to find my gate. Correct? And is 3 hour layover enough time usually? Thanks.
Yes, that is correct. You have enough time.
I'm flying from Nashville TN with a short time for plane change from American Airlines to Delta. Will my bags get automatically sent on to my destination or do I have to claim them and recheck with Delta? I'm headed to Cancun Mexico. Thanks
You will have to claim them in the Domestic Terminal, take the shuttle to the International Terminal, re-check them with Delta and go through security. If you have a "short time" this will be impossible. Also, American doesn't fly nonstop from Nashville to Atlanta.
We are flying from Paris to Liberia via Atlanta. Is 2h29 enough to get on our second flight? I am a Russian citizen (with active USA touristic visa), are there 2 different queues on US immigration control depending on travelers origin just like it is in Chicago? Thanks
Yes, there are two different lines. Yes, that should be enough time if the flight from Paris is on-time.
Arriving on Delta from Toronto with 37 minutes to connect to Delta flight to Savannah. Is that doable?
It's possible as you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto, but it leaves no time to spare if there are any delays.
As a polish citizen, do I have to apply for a visa in advance?
Yes, you do.