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We only have an hour layover in Atlanta. Will this be enough time since this is an international flight?
Is "PENS" Pensacola? If so that's plenty of time. Flying from Atlanta to New York is not an International flight.
I am flying my cat from London to ATL as declared cargo, since he is flying after us. Any idea where in ATL airport should I collect him from and how is the process to clear him through customs? appreciate any help!
Ask the cargo agent when you drop the cat off. It would help if you posted what airline you are flying.
I'm arriving on Delta 110 from Buenos Aires at 5:30 am and connecting to Louisville, Kentucky on Delta 2482 at 9:44 am on a multicity ticket, so my bags will not be tagged to SDF, but Atlanta only. After going through immigrations and Customs, I have to go to a Delta ticketing desk to recheck my baggage. Where is the Delta ticketing desk to recheck my baggage and how do I get there after immigrations and Customs? Thanks in advance!
You can see if the Delta desk after customs can re-tag your bags. If not you will have to take the shuttle to the domestic terminal to have them re-tagged and then go through security there. Regardless, don't let go of your bags until you see an SDF tag go on them. Alternatively, you can ask the agent in BA if they can tag your bags through to SDF, then you can definitely re-check them in the International Terminal.
Will be flying to Harrisburg, PA from the Bahamas. We will have a 5 hour layover in Atlanta. We have a 1 day pass to Delta Sky Club. Which Sky Club do you recommend for best FREE food and alcoholic drinks? Should we stay in the International one in Concourse F or travel to the domestic departure area? Looking to get the most value for money on our pass. Thanks
I would stay in the International one.
We'll arrive with Delta from AMS in ATL International terminal and connect to a domestic flight. Is there a Delta customer service desk just after customs close to the baggage re-check area?
I have a layover of 13 hours on my way from AMS to BZE, Both Delta flights. I have ESTA for transit. Am I allowed to leave the airport for a night in a hotel?
Yes, you are. In fact, once you clear customs you will be outside security.
We are flying from Cincinnati to ATL and then on to Amsterdam, all booked on same reservation. Once I've checked bags in Cincinnati do I have to pick them up and check in again at International??
No, all you have to do in Atlanta is go from your arrival concourse to concourse E or F where you depart and go to your departure gate and board your flight. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
I am traveling domestically to Atlanta on a delta ticket and have a different ticket on Air France for a flight to Nairobi that will connect through Paris. How do retrieve bags from the first flight and check them on the Air France ticket without going through security?
You can't claim your bags without going through security. Show your Air France confirmation to the check-in agent at your origin city and they should be able to check your bags through to Nairobi.
hello, I will arrive next Wednesday at 19:46 in ATL and leaving at 21:25 for Guatemala. Do i have to pass immigration, security ? do i have to pick up my luggage and check in again ? thanks for your assistance
If your first flight is domestic all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. If it is not domestic, where are you flying into Atlanta from?
thank you. i am flying in from Paris France with AirFrance and leaving Atlanta to Guatemala with Delta Airlines. i will just be in transit.
Yes you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US customs, re-check your bags at the recheck desk then go through security and to your departure gate.
I am flying ATL to CUN. Can I check in at the domestic terminal and take the train to the appropriate concourse ?? or do I have to check in at th international terminal ??
If you are flying Delta you check in in the International Terminal. If you are flying Southwest you check in in the domestic terminal.