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I was in great distress when I discovered my purse had been taken in the Atlanta airport. I had no identification, no money, no resources. My wheel chair assistant stood right by me on many trips to baggage claim, ticket counters, long lines at security to be turned away, back to ticket counters and finally left me at homeland security. I am a 74 year old woman with physical and medical needs. She was faithful, never lost her patience, and even brought me some chicken fingers after she got me on the plane. It was only her second day. Her name was Leticia and I may not be spelling that correctly. I regret that I did not get her name and number as I would very much like to send her a gift. It was one of the most distressing days of my life and she was a great help. Please find her and recommend her for a medal!!! and please have her contact me at
I have a 5:50 a.m. Flight with United Airlines From Atl to Houston. What's the best time to arrive to the airport for check in? Are the TSA lines open late and or early morning?? Is it worth getting a hotel the night before or just go straight to airport and hang out til the morning??? Any help/tips are greatly appreciated!!!
TSA will open at about 3:15-3:30. You could arrive at 4-4:15 and still have plenty of time.
Thank you ZAP
arriving from heathrow 16.20 to atlanta then leaving 17.50 to memphis how on earth will we cope and do we have time to clear customs , collect bags etc. we are OAPs !
That is enough time if everything goes smoothly. If you miss your connection, Delta will have at least four other flights to Memphis that afternoon/evening.
Can I preclear U S customs in Bahamas to arrive home in Atlanta?
Yes, if you are flying from Nassau or Freeport you WILL. If you are coming from Marsh Harbour or Georgetown you will go through US Immigration and Customs in Atlanta.
Hi , I'm travelling from Monterrey, Mexico on Delta Airlines , arriving iin ATL at terminal I on 29th at 12.03pm , my connecting flight to Dallas leaves at 1.50 pm .Reservation is on same flight ticket. Query : When I land in Atlanta , Would I need to pass through immigration , collect bags , pass through customs and recheck-in the bag to Dallas ? Do I have enough time for my connection ? What is terminal I and terminal S ? How do i transfer between the terminals I to S ? thanks
You will arrive in Concourse E or F, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure concourse on the Plane Train. You don't actually have to go to Terminal S. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Much appreciated
I will be traveling from Kingston, Jamaica to New York through ATL and I wanted to know the arriving concourse and the departing concourse so I can plan activities. 8hr layover. What do I need to know?

You will arrive in Concourse E or F, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, and go through security and then take the plane train to your departure concourse. You could depart from concourse T, A, or B.
Thank You!
my elderly parents are flying into ATL airport and my dad has a hurt knee/knee brace. would I be able to reserve an electric cart to assist in taking them from the gate to baggage claim in any way? Who do I call?
Electric aren't a thing in Atlanta because you have to go through a tunnel with a train to get between concourses and to the terminal, and electric carts can't go on that train. You have to request wheelchair service by calling his airline.
How do I get assistance moving a handicap traveler to a connecting flight?
You need to call the airline that the traveler is flying and add a wheelchair request to their reservation.
where is the best place to meet people coming in international. I arrive 2 hrs earlier than they do, so i can go to concourse E or F. but where should I tell them to meet me???
You could go to the international terminal and exit security and then meet them on the arrivals level of the International Terminal.
Arr from Joburg, transfer to flight to SLC - which concourse usually?
You will arrive in E or F (likely E). You will depart from T, A, B, C, or D (likely T, A, or B).